12 Traditional And New Ways to Make Money Online

The Internet is an online world system which has appeared only few decades ago, and has been rapidly growing so far. It has become a main place to meet people, chat, share the ideas, sell and provide online services, learn, advertise, invest, spread the information and innovations and earn money without any physical borders and restrictions. People, business, even the countries move to the Internet, and the question is how to use all the possibilities the Internet provides to make money online?

Traditional and new ways to make money online:

1. Writing of articles.

This is a good idea for those who like writing. You just can write about your favourite subjects and make money online selling your article to the websites. This kind of websites have different types of payment, for instance, the website Ehow pays by popularity (more people reads the article, more money you get), but you can find others that pay per word . There are plenty of different websites which are willing to pay for your nice words, so look for some inspiration and start writing! it's so easy to make money online!

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2. Writing of reviews. 

As well this idea is a good one for those who want to make money online. Some of the websites, for example, consumersearch.com pay minimum 350 dollars for one review of a product, softwarejudge.com pays minimum 50 dollars for one review of a product, etc. There are hundreds of websites which pay for different kinds of contents, reviews, opinions, descriptions, articles. You may write the review for products, programs, websites and even for music. It is not so easy to write a good review because it needs a deep prior research of the product, the spelling should be totally correct, though the reward for it is pretty high.

3.Answering to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The thing is that people constantly get some questions, and they search for the answers on the Internet. Answer to those questions qualitatively and you will make money online. There are websites which are ready to pay for the experts if they answer to their customers questions and even help to create FAQ.

4. Own a website.

Create a website which could attract many visitors. In such a website you could earn only because the visitors would click on advertisements earning of clicks (Google Adsense, etc.).

5. Be a virtual teacher.

If you are a qualified specialist or teacher, you can offer your experience and knowledge from the desk of your home. It's an easy way to make money online if you get some extra hours, you can provide with tuition or conversation lessons if you can speak a foreign language!


6. Be a virtual office assistant.

If you don't mind administrative work, there is a high chance you should enjoy it. You may do such tasks as managing the correspondence, replying to the letters and requests, data entry, invoicing, etc. This is a great tool for companies which lack of money for employing the real secretary, equip a workplace for her, etc.

7. Web design.

If you are able to create a nice design for the logo, website, T-shirts, business cards, press, banners, etc., then you are also able to sell it. If somebody chooses it, you are going to earn.

8. Sell your product.

This is a traditional way how people are trying to earn online. Majority of people think that this is the best way to get constant monthly income. It is possible, but not all the time. First of all, because this way is related with many concerns and needs a lot of care, you are the only one responsible for everything and you can not be guaranteed that you will sell your good. However, if you are successful in selling, then this business may bring you decent income.

9. Create and sell your e-book.

Electronic book is a digital product which can not get out of order, does not require additional costs for delivery, or you do not need if you will have enough stock. It is easy to send digital products to the customer just by e-mail. Before starting to write an electronic book, it is recommended to inquire how to write such a book properly, so that it would not be copied from the Internet, find a relevant topic for the book, and, surely, manage to sell it.

10. Sell your services.

If you are a specialist of a certain field (programmer, writer, consultant, translator), you may offer your services to the market.

11. Make money by taking online surveys.

There are websites which conduct different researches and surveys and they pay for participation in that. This way is such an easy way to make money online! You don't need to have any particular or special abilities, it is totally up to you how much time you want to give for that. You can work wherever you want, just need to have a computer and the Internet together with you. You can choose which surveys you want to take, when and how many at a time.

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12. Translations.

If you know a foreign language, are able not only to speak it, but also to write, then you may offer your services online and get paid for that. Since the business is getting more and more international, the markets expand to undiscovered countries, people who speak rare languages are especially appreciate.

So, here are the main traditional and new ways to make money online. Whatever idea you may like, do not be afraid to try and to make a mistake, just be creative and patient! :)