How to Make Working at Home Better and More Effective?

Surely, work from home is not the same one as work at the office. But at home you can create the workplace as YOU want, not somebody else. This way, you can make working at home better and more effective. Certainly, what kind of workplace you need, highly depends on your work- how much time you need to spend in front of the computer, what tasks you perform, if you need the absolute silence, or you don't mind some noise from your family while you answer the e-mails or surf the Internet.

A separate room for work will be needed if you work only at home or only finish your tasks in the evenings when you don't finish  the tasks you had to do at the office- at home it is easier for you to concentrate, nobody will distract your attention, that's why you will perform your work faster, will be less tired.


It seems that for an effective work at home it is not enough to have a computer, a swivel chair and a writing desk. Here are suggested some more tips to make your work at home experience to be more comfortable and efficient.

1. Functionality.

Define exactly the tasks which need to be supported and how the furnishings can help with that. Find precise activity zones, short-term and long- term storage places. Make sure your chair is comfortable, your writing desk fits you to sit, the furniture has a good quality and are not for one time to use. If it is needed, get some more furniture (additional drawers, desks, chairs, etc.).

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The workplace should be cosy, not too much official and should match with the whole house interior. Besides, be careful with the lighting, it has to be a mixture of natural and artificial ones, according to specialists. Windows should face the North side, North east or North west. If it is not possible, then get the curtains which will protect from the direct sunshine. Don't put the monitor in front of the window because it will reflect the sun's rays and will disturb your work.

It is always more efficient, if you do not have to rush about and waste the time by searching for the documents or other tools, therefore, when you work from home should be very tidy and well- organised. Thus, get some additional shelves. They shouldn't be hanged too high, you should be able to reach what you need. To organise the shelves even better, get some boxes, they will help to keep the order.

2. Beauty is important aspect as well.

Invest some time in creating the design for your workplace, select the suitable colours which would not distract you and, in the same time, could even motivate you. As well, choose the right textures for the furniture. Surely, the beauty of the home office should depend on the work area it functions in. Depending if you are a freelance translator, an online teacher, or a participant in online surveys, the home office environment should be chosen according to this aspect. Perhaps being a translator, you would need a pile of different books around you. Or being a handicraft teacher you would need different kind of tools and some mess around.

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3. Do not forget about some pleasurable functions.

Do you need a mini- coffee station? Or some snacks bar somewhere around? An additional workstation for kids to sit and play or do their homework if they want to be somewhere around while you are working at home?

4. If it is possible, have a door to close. 

It is important to have some boundaries in your home office, as it is both the ability to get away from work, and get involved in the job without any obstacles, when necessary. Otherwise, there is a high chance to get involved in work for more than 12 hours.

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5. Use all possible empty corners.

You can create a workplace at home even if you don't have a separate room for that. Use all possible space under the stairs, or staircase on the second floor- use your imagination. In the tiny apartments, you may create a hidden workplace.

6. Keep the workplace system and order. 

Once you have created your perfect workplace, don't forget to take care of that. Basically, clean it after every time you used, fix the problems once they appear. Take away all the stuff you don't need anymore, probably, you don't want to find a dirty cup of coffee on your table next day when you start you work. This way, you will have your workplace ready and you will be able to stay always productive and efficient when working from home.