The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

The Internet has come to our life not so long time ago. But since then everything has started to change dramatically fast. Many innovations appeared,life has become easier due to some services which transferred to operate online. So, nowadays it has become possible and pretty common that companies allow their employees to work from home

Of course, it depends on a person individually if he/ she likes work from home instead of being at the office. This way of work has its own advantages and disadvantages because it does not appeal to be attractive to everybody.

The advantages of working from home:


  1. Money saving.

    First of all, this is a way to save money for both parties: company and employees as well. You don't need to spend that much money for the transport to and from your work, also you don't need to spend more money for the lunch breaks. And it is possible to save not only money but even time- if you work from your own home you just don't need to spend time to go to a remote workplace and get stuck in a traffic jam.

  2. No additional resources.

    Basically, to create a workplace at home does not need additional resources because almost everybody has a computer at home- the main tool for work.

  3. Flexibility!

    You can organise the time and tasks according to your personal wishes and needs. If you better perform the tasks in the evening, you can stay until the late evening and wake up whenever you want. Otherwise, if you are more productive in the morning, you can start your work day earlier. While working from home, you may plan not only your work schedule, but even a holiday and free time schedule. If you feel bad, you do not have to pretend and suffer, you can just take a break and lay down on the couch. For some people home seems to be a safer place to work, they feel more comfortable and creative there. Especially, this kind of work is advantageous for parents with small children- they can plan the work according to children's needs.


  4. Productivity.

    It may be incredible! Sometimes you can't even predict how much you can do while working alone, not being disturbed by your work colleagues.

  5. Place flexibility.

    Working from home does not necessarily mean directly "home". Your workplace practically may be anywhere you want- coffee shop, your favourite park or somewhere in the beach on the seaside. It is just up to you to find a most suitable place. If you choose to create a stable workplace at home, then you can create in a way YOU want, not somebody else.

  6. Less distractions.

    Unnecessary interruptions, unimportant meetings can be avoided if you are safely working at home hidden from any possible interruptions.

  7. Better work and life balance.

    It is often achieved and turned to satisfaction through a working at home arrangement, especially if a professional has the flexibility to report into the office and work from the office partially as an option.

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The disadvantages of working at home:


  1. Difficult to concentrate.

    From another point of view, home might be a too comfortable place to work. It might become too difficult to concentrate on, because you can reach the fridge anytime, make a cup of coffee, dream, turn on TV or find another way to get away from work.

  2. A lack of communication and competition.

    In loneliness people run out of enthusiasm, despite of the fact that they are not disturbed. The feeling of loneliness might appear, people may get melancholic while working from home. They try to compensate this lack of communication with social networks- Facebook and others, however it does not compensate the real connection.

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  3. More unexpected distractions.

    Other people who know that you are at home may not understand that you work as well. So, they might not mind to bother you, call or visit whenever they need or want. You should let them be aware that working at home is not only being at home. Work is work, wherever it takes place.

  4. Stress.

    If you counter some problems, you might feel stressed. In the office usually it would not happen, because the colleagues could help you to solve the problems.

  5. Unbalanced eating.

    For some people, the fridge and eating might become a problem. If a person is used to be eating a lot, then to have a fridge somewhere around while working is not such a good idea.

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  6. Overworking.

    Sometimes you might lose a boundary between work and home. You might forget that you are still working and take a break.

  7. Danger of losing a promotion.

    Being in front of your bosses' eyes gives you a higher chance to be noticed and offered a promotion that being hidden and working from home.


As a conclusion, it seems that everybody has to find one's individual way where and how to work. Only this way, the work will be performed in the most productive way.