The Top Advice For Your Favourite Job Search

Career and the job are the important aspects in the life. The job you like doesn't bring only financial benefits but also allows to be satisfied with your life. That's why it is so important to have a job you like. Probably you don't want to wake up every morning in a bad mood because you have to work, or all the time wait for Fridays.

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1. Create a CV and motivational letter.

Be creative and mention all your valuable skills and experience. The CV should be clear and consistent, show only relevant job experience. Think of what you would like to work at and create your motivational letter according to that.

2. Define what kind of job you are looking for.

What position are you interested in? What responsibilities, future career options, salary are you interested in? In what kind of business would you like to work in? Which company you are interested in? Do you want to work in a well- known international company? Would you like to stay in your country or move abroad? What education and experience you have? Would you like to relate your educational background with your job? Would you like to work in a similar job you had before or you would like to try something completely new?

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3. Post your CV on the Internet, in job portals.

Create a LinkedIn account and edit it properly. Usually the companies and employment agencies use it a lot to find suitable candidates. So, it is a straight way to meet companies. The advantage is that, this way, you can reach companies which are in another side of the world.

4. Besides, follow job advertisements.

Try to use as many job websites as possible. You never know when your dream job offer appears and, probably, you would like to miss such a chance.

5. Concentrate. 

If you decide exactly what kind of position you would like to get, then do not waste time and concentrate only on applying for that position. Especially concentrate on the motivational letter, try to reveal all relevant skills for that position.

6. Use all possible sources.

However, do not forget other sources for jobs- use newspapers as well, you may find it useful.

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7. Find a company you would like to work for.

If you know exactly, which company you would like to work for, start to follow it constantly. Usually they have a Career page where they announce job offers. And if they announce any job offers, do not wait, create a motivational letter for them and apply. However, you can try to contact them directly. Even if you are not successful, some companies save the applicants' contacts and information and may need somebody later.

8. Send your CV to the employment agencies in your area.

Tell them what kind of job you are looking for.

9. Use your personal network.

Tell to your friends and family that you are looking for a job. Who knows, one of them might know or have some useful information. Once they know that you are looking for a job, they will have it in mind in case new job offers appear.

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10. Follow the career fair events in your area.

This way, you can meet the employers directly, bring your CV with you. This way, you might meet your future employers, get some new contacts and connections.

11. Do not forget to check your e-mail constantly.

Probably you don't want to regret that you lost a chance to have an interview only because you didn't check your e-mail in time.

12. Be aware that some companies have telephone interviews.

Be ready for that, have information about the company, how it operates in the market, what work culture it has and so on.

13. Be confident and representative.

You have to forget about the negative thinking, be optimistic and don't lose hope if the interview was not successful. Such things happen and this is absolutely normal.

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Here are suggested the main tips to find your favourite job. However, keep in mind that sometimes it might be more difficult to find what really suits you, so be patient and aware of that. In case, you are in an urgent need top earn money but you don't want to take a first job offered for you, then you can try alternative ways to earn money. Consider about some work from home options, how to earn money online. If you don't have any specific skills you could use for that, such as knowing foreign languages, proficiency in handicraft, etc., think about participating in online surveys. It is an easy and comfortable way to earn extra money. You just need a computer and Internet access. And some time, of course.

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