When You Lose Your Job...Don't Panic!

Sacking may have influence for such health problems as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases. It appears that after losing the job, even 40 per cent of people experience some health problems. And even a person immediately finds a new job, the consequences of a job loss may occur later. According to doctors, the most frequent consequences of a job loss are: anxiety, depression, anger, fear of the future, complaints about poor physical shape, alcoholism, divorce, psychological or physical violence in the family, thoughts about a suicide.

The specialists advice to leave the job honestly, without humiliating others and oneself. Your further life depends on your present actions.

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Hit the doors... gently

When you are leaving the company, a great temptation to tell the management board everything you wanted, appears. Or to do something crazy: to hide necessary data, to take out phone numbers of important clients, at least this way, to complicate company's activities for a while.

Don't do that! First of all, the professional circle is narrow, and when your new boss calls to your previous one, probably he will not be wishing to recommend you. Moreover, if you want your previous boss to regret for sacking, you should behave in a totally different way. Concentrate your strength and the last day say goodbye with the best words. Perhaps they will not invite you to come back, but they will have the good last impression of you. And it doesn't matter what relations you have had until this moment.

Don't lose confidence

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The loss of a job frequently decreases a person's self- confidence and self- esteem. A person feels hurt and lost the ability to take control of one's life. In this situation, it is meaningful to consider why you got such a challenge and what could you learn from that?

There are two categories of people who lose the jobs. First of all, the ones who haven't noticed themselves that they have started to live leading by innertion, when the work doesn't provide neither moral nor material satisfaction. Though, to leave the job oneself, the person does not have courage enough. And the destiny may bring an unexpected solution of a problem- employee turnover, bankrupt of a company, or a layoff.

Although it might seem weird, workaholics, who identify their life with the job and prioritise it at the first place, may also risk with loss of work. Sometimes the life and destiny punish for this one-sidedness, reminding that life is more colourful and it is worthy to search for meaning in other angles. Besides, sometimes too strong employee annoys the management board, what if he appears to be more professional than his manager?

Vicious circle

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When a person loses a job, he gets a lot of free time. At the beginning, it might make glad- there is a chance to relax! But it is usually too difficult to relax. And the unemployed has to start living with a suddenly appeared emptiness. As the psychologists say, this kind of situations is a great field for development of neurosis. The vicious circle appears- if there is no job, the depression occurs, resulting in difficulties finding a new job. If this mode lasts for a long time, not only depression but also some other serious physical problems can arise.

Psychologists can notice such processes not only with the people who lose their jobs but also with retired people. A person who has been working intensively for the last years and suddenly retires, is much more likely to attract different diseases. So that not to happen, you should start searching for a new job immediately. The more time after the sacking passes, the more difficult it becomes to find a new job.

After stress to a new stress?

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There is a different approach, as well. This is more suitable for the ones who had doubts if they do what they like, and they have wanted to change their profession long time ago, they were not satisfied with their activities and themselves. If you are in rush to start a completely new job, there is a risk to take together all your previous problems and negative emotions. That will not help to establish yourself in a new workplace and will provide interior comfort.

For such people, if the financial conditions allow, it is recommended to make a break and do what they have always wanted to do while working- go for holidays, spend more time with family, visit the doctors. Finally, rethink of your previous life and the possible changes. It is your time to decide what changes could be made to improve your life.

As well, consider about work from home options while you have some free time. Nowadays there are much more opportunities. You could earn money online and at the same time look for a new job until you find your favourite job. There are many online opportunities, such as online surveys, being online teacher, etc. Just don't be afraid to try and find out what best suits you!

Take care of your health

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The organism feels stress after the loss of the job. Therefore, take some actions to feel better. Don't watch TV too much, especially until the late evening, have enough of sleep but don't oversleep, don't drink too much of coffee, strong tea and alcohol. Go for a walk every day. Visit the dentist and doctors, do the research. Don't lose your social life, spend more time with family and friends. 

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