Appropriate Body Language - a Successful Way to Find a Job

It is not a secret that job interviews make people to stress a lot. Many candidates spend a lot of time worrying about what they are going to say during the interview, how they will coordinate their body language, etc. In a job interview it is important not only what you are saying but also how you are doing that. The prospective employer wants to predict if the information you are providing matches with the information your body language shows.

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According to the scientists, 97 per cent of communication consists of nonverbal (body) language and only 3 per cent - of verbal. Thus, once the first step in job search (Cv and cover letter) is successfully done, then the next step is waiting- you have to prepare for a job interview.

Surely, before going to the interview, you have to have enough knowledge about the company and the position wanted. Especially when there is such a high competition in job market, it is important to leave the good and positive impression for a potential employer on a first meeting.

It is possible that not only one interview is waiting. However, nonverbal communication skills will be useful already for the first time. There are some recommended advices which will be useful in developing nonverbal speech.

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The good start is important.

Interview starts before even entering the prospected meeting room. It is recommended to remember that you don't know when you will be noticed by potential colleagues or who you will meet in the elevator. Your body language should confirm that you are calm and confident. Before the meeting you shouldn't start digging through a purse and check if you have all necessary documents.

Show your positive side.

Employers often ask their secretaries to evaluate the candidates who come for a job interview. It is advisable to let them observe you and do not show that you understand you are evaluated. Sit down in front of those employees. It will allow them to feel comfortable and help positive influence for the first impression.

First impression.

While you are waiting, sit properly and straight, be confident.Don't behave arrogant, hold only the most necessary stuff on your knees. It will allow to greet another person smartly and gracefully and not to worry about the stuff falling down.

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Proper behaviour in the office.

Before the interview starts, you may put a thin folder with the required documents on the table. You should keep all your other personal items on the floor. If you keep your bag on the knees, you may risk to arouse suspicion and negative impression- a barrier which interferes to start a conversation. While gesticulating by hands, keep them above the table but not too high. Gesticulation by raising the hands higher than the shoulder level may be understood as the sign of aggression.

Eye contact and proper clothing.

Surely, eye contact, real smile will always have a positive impact. Don't be afraid to look friendly. Even though you are not going to be hired, you will probably leave a positive impression. Besides, do not forget to dress properly. Depending on the company and kind of the job, try to look smart and suitably.

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The positive end- a decisive step.

In the end of the interview, pack your stuff calm, stand up gracefully and nod the head. If it not possible to shake the hands for all the people in the room, then do it only for the person who directly welcomed you. Don't try to comprehend the prospective employer body language. The latter is often proficient not to reveal emotions or insights until you are only the candidate to take the job spot. Be confident and finish the interview in a positive way.

If you still would like to avoid job interviews all together, you could consider starting your own business, with some good home business ideas.