How to Stay Motivated While Working at Home?

Alternative job offers a more flexible work schedule, independent tasks and home cosiness. However, everybody who does work from home, probably, would admit that this way of working might be more complicated than it looks at first sight. A person needs to have a self-control and motivation maintained all the time, be strict to resist for distractions and temptations when working at home. 

The top advice to keep motivation to work from home

One of the biggest challenges you may face is motivation. If you find yourself slacking from time to time, then you need a good motivation boost. So, how to stay motivated while working from home and how to take advantage of it?

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1. Set the clear goals and precise vision of the future.

Make the detailed plan with deadlines and constantly follow it. This way, you will not get lost, you will know why you do it for. It will lead to efficiency and productivity of the work.

2. Create a daily routine and discipline.

So for not starting a lazy day when working at home, when you wake up, make a list of tasks for the day, start day with a cup of coffee and well- balanced breakfast to get energy for the rest of the day. Be strict to follow your plan every day.

3. Create a daily schedule.

It is great to have the flexibility of working any time in any place, however, operating without any structure might hurt the productivity. It is important to use a relatively consistent schedule each day. Surely, it may switch once in a while, but having a schedule will help you to combine the professional and personal modes while working at home. 

4. Find some time to take a break and go for a walk.

Don't get stuck at home, go out for a walk to the park or just get a breath of fresh air. You can get more creative, and try to combine home daily tasks with your breaks. For example, if you want to breathe fresh air, take your dog for a walk, or cook something nice for dinner. Use your imagination and be creative.

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5. Wake up early.

Training yourself to get up on time like you do have a traditional job will get you in the routine which encourages productivity. According to the studies, getting up in the morning turns you into a more proactive person. This way, you will not feel lazy when you start working at home.

6. Dress up properly.

Perhaps, usually while being at home you let yourself wear whatever you want and have. However, if you want to feel that you are working and feel more obliged, then think more about proper clothes. That doesn't mean that you have to wear the suit or the most official dress, but the clothes should be appropriate to go out if necessary. 

7. Start the day with the most difficult tasks, do not postpone it.

First, it is because you are, probably, the most productive in the morning. Second, when you do the most difficult or unpleasant task at the beginning, then it means that the easier tasks wait for you after.

8. Don't work where you sleep.

Separate your home office space from your bedroom. As you need some breaks to get away from your work, same applies here that you need some distance to get away from your workplace. Having your writing desk just next to your bed, during the time, might lead to difficulty in separating work space from relax area. Additionally, your work area should be convenient. Don't be greedy and get a good chair and writing desk, seriously, you will see it was worthy when working from home.

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9. Work at home is still "WORK".

No matter you are at home, nobody has a permission to bother you, or, in a worse case, tell that you are not working (some people still consider that work at home is just being at home and don't take it serious).

10. Mix up working at home and at the office.

If it is possible, try to spend some of the weekdays at home, and the rest at the office. then you will not get so much bored. And the in some days you will have a chance to be in a more relaxed environment, while during the other days you will get a chance to socialise and remind yourself that you still live in a contemporary business world.