The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job

Are you trying to find a job but it doesn't go well? Don't forget that job search is a time and efforts consuming process. The success comes for the ones who are persistently trying to achieve their goals. This task also might be like a job which requires to have knowledge and experience. Thus, in order to perform this task properly and to achieve the result don't make the following mistakes.

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1. The wishes do not match with the possibilities and abilities.

The person should know oneself very well and know exactly where he/she wants to develop. The journalist would not become an economist immediately and so on.

2. Keep in mind, that the CV is very important tool in job search process.

It should not be too long and it has to contain only the relevant information regarding the applied position.

3. Candidates often think that the job interview is automatically the signing of the job contract.

Since they think like that, the candidates do not apply for other positions. Sometimes they wait until the end with the only one job possibility to make sure they are employed or not, and only afterwards start looking for other options.

4. Sometimes the candidate comes for an interview and does not review the CV again.

There is a chance that there have been some changes which are not mentioned in the CV and which could be useful to know for an employer. Or there are some details to explain and make a better impression. As well, do not forget to make a good research about the company, the market it is operating in and the job position offered.

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5. Poor behaviour during the job interview.

First of all, it is strictly recommended not to be late for the interview. Also, don't try to lie or hide some relevant and obvious details. Besides, don't talk too much because it will reveal that you are nervous and can not concentrate. Dress up properly, behave in a polite and natural way and make your best. 

6. Even if the candidate is offered a temporary position in the company, it is recommended to take it.

Some employers do it on purpose to check if the employee is loyal for the company and work. The majority of the ones who start a temporary work, are later offered a permanent position in the same company.

7. Sometimes a candidate comes very sad or disappointed for a job interview. 

It makes the impression that he is the same all the time and everywhere. It might have a negative effect on your first impression for an employer.

8. Some people think that the more is the better in general.

The people who are looking for a job and are, for example, over 40, and start to name all the jobs they had from the graduating the school until the last one, are not positively accepted. According to specialists, it is enough for a candidate to tell about the most relevant jobs he has ever worked or the ones which were the longest and highly contributed to the candidate's professional experience.

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9. Sometimes in the CV there is written the e-mail from the previous company or employer (as the candidate's e-mail).

It might look unethical for an employer that the candidate is not able to have his own e-mail address.

10. Pretty often after a negative answer to an applied position, the candidates gets mad or disappointed.

However, the specialists have seen such cases when the candidates after a rejection for a job, send the thank letter and then are invited for one more meeting.

11. Employers usually check your profile on the Internet.

It is useful to know what kind of information dominates in a virtual space. Often the photos or the blogs may create a negative impression.

12. And finally the employees should understand that the employer is looking for an employee and the company's interests are dominating.

Therefore, the candidate should think in advance how he will contribute to the welfare of the company and success but not how the company is going to contribute to his personal success.