10 Ideas for Home Business After Getting a MBA Degree

If you are keen to start your own business, one key element is selling your services. Not only you will need to be aware of how to do this in order to get customers but your team will also need to sell your services as well as you do. 

It is worthy to consider a home business ideas, at least to start with. You will have no commercial overheads and working from home will give you an opportunity to experiment with different working patterns and settings. So, here are 10 ideas for a home business.

1. Online retail

Theoretically speaking, anybody can set up an eBay account and sell the things they do not use anymore. But it takes someone with real business and marketing skills to set up their own website and develop their own products to sell on it. Your MBA course will have shown you how to capitalise on your natural acumen and sell ability, so use what you have learnt.

2. SEO specialist

A SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist or consultant helps websites to appear as high up the page as possible in relevant web search results. With the intelligence and commitment that helped you to earn MBA degree, you should be able to teach yourself SEO techniques such as keyword research, optimal use of code, eventually passing on your expertise to others.

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3. "Green" consultant

This option is particularly attractive for those who did a "Green" MBA and are passionate about environmental issues in general. Use your interest in all things green to advise employers and homeowners on the best ways to minimize damage to the environment.

4. Event planning

As a business graduate, you will have great organisational, strategic and time management skills. Put them together to use by getting paid to plan events such as conferences, product launches, company parties and team building weekends.

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5. Life coach

If you have a lot of life experience, an innate understanding of and empathy with people and perhaps a relevant qualification other than your MBA, it is entirely possible to coach someone through Skype and by meeting up with them in person from time to time.

6. Market researcher

Market research is a crucial element of business and any good MBA course will have covered it in at least a little depth. Take what you learnt about market research during your degree and offer your services as a professional researcher to an organization that is trying to get to know its target market.

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7. Tutoring

For an offline option, have you considered passing your academic knowledge for others?You can either invite your students round to your home or you can travel to theirs. You can not only pass down the knowledge gained from your MBA, but also teach subjects and topics you did well in at school and in your undergraduate degree. 

8. Recruitment agent

You are probably wondering how someone can work as a recruitment consultant by themselves and work from home. Actually, all you need is a good nose for business, an interest in HR and employment, willingness to learn, an aptitude for B2B selling, a good Internet connection, a telephone line or mobile phone and a list of contacts you have actually talked to during the last year.

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9. Financial advisor

With your business brain and head for numbers, you are in an ideal position to offer people independent financial advice from the comfort of your own laptop. Simply schedule Skype calls with your clients to discuss and advise regarding the issues that they are facing with.

10. Management consultant

If you are interested in management culture but you do not want to work for someone else as a manager, why not to be a management consultant? You can work from home for yourself providing advice, information and support to organisations on issues such as performance management, employee engagement and business growth.