How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind Or Job

Work from home may sound as a dream comes true if you consider the chance to work not in official clothes, while doing laundry in the background. However, it is not easy, it needs discipline and self- control. But if you think of working from home, those following steps will help you to keep active and productive while working from home.

1. Ask your family and friends not to interrupt you when you work from home. 

Surely, friends and family may think that if you work from home, it does not mean the "real and proper work". However, now it is the time to change this approach.

2. Keep the discipline.

If you spend your "working" day doing laundry, organizing your closets, watching TV or surfing the net, you will probably not only be abusing your employer's trust- you may end up without a job. It is necessary to focus and avoid distractions while working from home.

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3. Have a clear and fixed schedule.

If you do not set working hours in advance and get sticked to them, then it becomes easy to postpone your tasks because you may think you can do them later. And then the vicious circle might appear. 

4. Create a daily to- do list.

A daily schedule of tasks for yourself may keep you on track and focused. If you still find sometimes yourself doing not the right things, then try to schedule each hour with a certain task so that you know every time what you should do.

5. Establish a clear communication system with your manager.

Do not leave it informal because it might be less likely to have regular communication than you would have if you were physically in the office. For example, you might have one regularly scheduled phone or skype meeting per week, or you will visit the office from time to time.

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6. Be accessible.

Although work from home is very convenient for you, it might be inconvenient for your colleagues. It might be more difficult for them to contact you when it is needed because they can not just walk down the hall to your office. Thus, try to be as much accessible as possible by phone or email. 

7. Over- communicate.

When you do not have direct contact with anybody while working from home, you may risk losing connection to your boss and co- workers, and may have other people people asking what you are doing all day. To avoid this, inform people how your projects are going. In addition, never leave your messages and emails unanswered. It might lead your colleagues to think that you do not work as hard as you could.

8. Avoid eating while you work.

There is a high chance that while working from home, you may find yourself eating more than usually. Keep that in mind and try to take control over that.

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9. Find all possible ways to have a personal contact at least once per day.

Work from home may be isolating. If you find yourself to be excited when you see a postman, then it means it is time for you to get out of the house. Try to get lunch once or twice per week with your colleagues or friends, etc.

10. Be honest at least to yourself when you work from home.

Not everybody can be suitable for working from home style. If you find any difficulties or obstacles, take immediate actions and think of possible solutions. Your work should be productive.

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