The Best Jobs You Can Work From Home

Hiring someone to work off- site saves on the cost of office space. It also allows employers to expand into other parts of the country or world without spending money for opening the office there.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2012, one of five workers now spends some part of their work time by working from home. Many work from home jobs are freelance or contract based.

However, not everybody is suited for telecommuting. It can be isolating, you have to be self- motivated and comfortable with proactive communication. But if you are, then there are definite benefits to work online, including saving time, flexibility, comfort. Here are the most popular work from home jobs during the last few years of different industries.


Types of positions: administrative coordinator, administrative assistant, human resource generalist, executive assistant, travel consultant, project manager.

Administrative jobs enable people to manage offices, handle personal issues or act as personal support for bosses who may be far away. The jobs include administrative assistants who handle data input and paperwork management, public relations coordinator who takes care of media, a PR team and human resources coordinators who handle new employees.

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Computer and Information Technology

Types of positions: software developer, analyst, systems administrator, engineer, programmer, application developer.

People who work with IT have varying work styles, and so working outside of the office tends to fit this group as well. As long as the work is done, they can work at different times, and the employer can support this work style and preference.

Web and Software Development

Types of positions: cloud engineer, Web developer, junior developer, iOS software developer, systems engineer, senior computer programmer, Web application developer.

Web- based jobs are logically suitable for working from home. Often entire offices are connected solely by technology.

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Education and Training

Types of positions: online tutor, AP tutor, online coach.

Nowadays you don't need to be in a classroom to educate. You can teach online classes, provide academic support all from your home office.


Positions: account representative, sales executive, territory manager, insurance agent, sales representative, etc.

Sales jobs are the perfect match for working from home because a company doesn't want their sales team to be in the office, they want them to be out for selling. Also, it is especially good for company to hire someone local in a specific area without opening an office there.

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Types of positions: marketing manager, account representative, marketing analyst, digital marketing consultant, marketing communications manager.

Marketing jobs where you help a company to sell a product, can be done anywhere, working from home especially.

Business Development

Types of positions: business analyst, account representative, sales director, strategic account executive, sales development manager.

In the field of business development, employees are asked to strategize and coordinate plans to retain clients and supervise sales and marketing efforts. A manager of business development lists searches for someone willing to generate new business leads and service current accounts and clients.

Medical and Health

Positions: Medical transcriptionist, clinical research coordinator/ associate, patient care advocate.

The opportunities in health care are high. If you have a sought- after medical specialty, then you will have a high demand. A lot of radiologist work can be done working from home because you are studying images, reviewing files and it can be done online.

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Types of positions: background investigator, clinical research associate, search engine evaluator, legislative manager, field interviewer.

Diverse research jobs offer opportunities across various industries. Some sample job postings include a legal assistant to assist attorneys with scheduling appointments and filing petitions and a senior safety analyst who researches safety decisions to better improvement performance.


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