The Main Obstacles While Working From Home And How to Avoid Them

There is no doubt that work from home has a lot of advantages. However, as everything has its pluses, it should also have some minuses. So, even working from home, as it may sound very attractive and appealing, has its dangers as well.

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1. Constant distractions.

Natural distractions are all the time around when we work at home. Those distractions can be totally different. For example, plumber visit in the middle of writing a serious article process, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets instead of making marketing calls, surfing the net for newest clothes trends rather than concentrating on your business proposals. It might be pretty difficult to ignore every home issue that arises, setting clear boundaries around your work time is essential so that to stay productive.

Solution: Time blocking.

Either the night before, or the first thing in the morning, sit down and make a clear and detailed plan and schedule for the coming day. The timesheet should include time to work on key projects and deliverables as well as client work, marketing and social media.
If there are personal tasks which need to be done that day, do not do them spontaneously. Instead, set aside a defined time window during the day to get them done. By creating a time plan, you are more likely to follow it and avoid unexpected distractions and interruptions when working from home.

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2. Going to the "home office" straight from the bed.

This is another danger which might appear of not having a clear structure of the day. It might look like a habit waking up and going straight to check e-mail, while stopping at some point to eat breakfast, then maybe exercising, etc. Anyway, having an inconsistent morning routine is usually negative for the business.

Solution: Set a morning routine that includes getting dressed.

More than 90 per cent of the small business owners mention that putting on real clothes is important to feel more productive when working from home. The problem of wearing pyjamas while working from home is a psychological one. Because most people associate them with relaxing, watching TV and sleep. Therefore, pyjamas can act as a never- ending temptation to stop working and just relax, which is one of the biggest challenges of working from home.
On the other side of the coin, wearing real clothes puts the person in more of an active, working mindset for getting things done. The flexibility of working from home can sometimes alter your sense of urgency to get up and go by 9 am. But the more organized and structured you start off, the more likely you are to complete the projects on time and without mistakes.
Creating a regular routine includes the time you wake up, the time you have to be at your desk and what you plan to do in between (eat breakfast, drink coffee, exercise, take a shower) and follow it for a week. Make adjustments and changes as needed, but commit yourself to a path of morning rituals that will set you up for the most productive day possible.

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3. Lack of interaction.

While working from home, most of the time you are alone. Surely, it depends on personal situation if you have family, for example. But imagine, if you live alone and then you spend your work day alone. This might lead to a loneliness feeling.

Solution: get out of your home from time to time, at least go for a 15 minutes walk.

Again, as setting a schedule for day, plan some time for going out. Find some reasons and ways. For example, take a break and take your dog for a walk. Go for lunch with your friends or colleagues. Or if your work is still related to the office, plan some days to go to the office to meet your boss or work there for the whole day once a week.