The Mom Working From Home: 5 Things Needed to Know in Advance

Women think of the opportunity how much it is possible to do while working at home. You can do both: to work from home and earn money , and do the housechores at the same time. Majority of them are sure that it is a great success because working at home appears to be more comfortable, attractive and time saving. However, there are some aspects you should be aware of.

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1. Working hours might extend through the whole day (even until midnight).

While working from home, you have to balance between employee, housewife and mother's responsibilities. It is not so easy to be at home and hide from all other people around at the same time. You will not tell your kid that you do not care about his requests at that moment. You will not ask him to wait until the lunch break if he asks for something. You will not postpone the cleaning of the kitchen if it got extremely dirty. Also, you will not postpone taking your kids from school. So, it seems that it leads to postponing of your work tasks. And probably the moments when you are alone and not disturbed come only at midnight because everybody is sleeping. Or in early morning. Your work day is interrupted due to household ordinary tasks, you can not really manage it. The things which can be done within one hour might extend to three hours. Thus, it is especially important to do some things before starting to work from home: create a suitable home office, inform clearly your family that working from home is still work and create a strict and detailed weekly/ daily schedule.

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2. As earlier, there is nobody else to take care of home.

It could seem to be very easy to keep the order at home when you do not have to commute everyday to work. It looked like the same for you until you started to work from home. Then right away it turned out that you will still be very busy with your job issues, do a lot of paperwork, talk on phone, write bunch of emails. In the spare time you make breakfast, lunch, dinner, take children to school, then back, help them with homework, etc. And that is not the end. Washing clothes, dishes, all other housechores- this is also not forgotten. In this case, you should make clear boundaries, talk to your family, divide the tasks, so that everything at home would be organized.

3. You will have to manage work and taking care of your children at the same time.

It can be so comfortable to work from home while having children. You do not have to hire a babysitter because children are always with mother. Women and men who have never experienced to combine motherhood and work at home think like that. However, the reality is that do both things at one moment is very challenging and might be highly complicated. Small child might constantly require mother's attention- he wants to play, go for a walk, eat, sleep, play, etc. There are different problems with an older child- you need to take him to and from the school, help with homework, etc. In the end, the most productive work hours for you might be the ones while your child sleeps or he is away at school.

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4. Business calls and video conferences always not on the right time.

Once starting to work from home, you will notice that your manager, colleagues and clients will start contacting you exactly at that moment when you will be busy making the lunch, bathing your child or bringing him to sleep. You will probably learn to multitask, for example, talk on phone and at the same time fulfilling your child's requests to pour some water, find the toys, play a game, etc.

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5. The gap from professional life. 

Anyway, for people working at the office there is a bigger chance to get promoted. There is a bigger chance for raising the salary and better relations with colleagues. Somehow for the employers it looks obvious that working from home is the benefit automatically.

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