Tips for Mothers Getting Back to Work

Whatever your situation is, your experiences as a mum can actually help make the shift back to work a smoother one. Do not underestimate the value that motherhood experiences can bring to other arenas, including your career.

The transferable skills you develop as a mum do not differ significantly in variety or value to the type of skills that can be acquired during other key stages of life and career, such as getting hitched or starting your first job.

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Being a stay home parent is, after all, one of the biggest challenges. Like any form of care, childcare takes it out of you emotionally, physically and mentally- especially when the children are your own. Successfully looking after your kids involves continuous multi- tasking, managing your energy levels and maintaining a laser focus, not to mention clear goal setting, calmness in the face of emergencies and the ability to think outside the box.
Therefore, coming back to work from maternity leave might be challenging, but here are some tips to help.

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1. Get feedback. 

Get feedback from others around as they will see how you have developed.

2. Improve yourself.

Take some time out and think about what new skills you have already developed and which you could improve. Try to make a list of actions you take during the week and then list the skills they deploy. Consider the settings, pressures and essential outcomes. What did you do, why did you do it and what was the result? Where else could the actions be useful?

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3. Find your best skills.

Think of which skills you are using whilst you are actually using them, then consider how they could be used elsewhere. For example, the next time you make up a bedtime story with your child, keep in mind the fact that this takes imagination and communication skills, which can be converted into workplace creativity and efficient teamwork. You could also consider doing some work from home.

4. Do some volunteering.

If you are looking for a new job rather than returning to the old workplace, use your parenting experience to gain leverage with potential employers. For instance, consider trying out your newfound skills through volunteering opportunities. This will not only up your confidence, but will also add weight to CV.

5. Get external opinion.

If you do not even know which career direction you want to choose, then making a career plan might be really daunting. Therefore, you need an external opinion. Top quality career guidance from an experienced professional will give you the benefit of an objective and informed viewpoint, allowing you to make decisions from a much stronger platform.