10 Ways to Stay Focused While Searching for a Job

Here are 10 main ways how to stay focused and motivated while searching for a job, whether it's jobs online or traditional jobs.. 

1. Make a commitment.

There is no doubt that finding a work is challenging. There are many reasons for this but it is certainly true that the employment market is crowded. If you accept it, you realise the need to commit yourself to the process of job search. It is going to be time and effort consuming but the primary issue is the commitment to being focused on the process.

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2. Own it.

Continuous advances in digital technology increase the amount of communication which goes on but they do not necessarily increase the transparency of those communicating with you.

3. Take responsibility.

Now it is only yours responsibility of job search. No longer anybody will take it. This job search is absolutely to do with you and you only.

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4. Start mapping. 

You should map all the elements of your progress. There are some areas of job seeking that you are going to be quite strong in. For example, you may be an excellent interviewee and presenter. If you can map every element of your job search, it will enable you to focus and to plan all the things you need to do.

5. Research.

Usually we think we have researched thoroughly the job and employer we want but when you really scrutinise what you have done, it becomes obvious that it is pretty lightweight. So that to understand the context properly, you need to understand the context within which your target organizations are operating.

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Find out about the overall market in the relevant segment of your chosen segment. Also, research how the industry competitors do relative to the company that has just invited you to a job interview. Do not forget to take a look if your potential employer is in a steady state, expanding or diminishing in size. Finally, what do you know about the people that you might be working with.

6. Get ready to impress.

If you want to stick out in the job market and gain positive attention from employers, then you application to a company should be the first they hear of you. You have to prepare yourself to impress in front of them. You might make a good impression by writing a post on your blog commenting on something the organization might have done in the press. Probably you can attend a conference that someone from the company will also be attending and introduce yourself to them.

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7. Keep growing.

There might be a chance you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and skills. Quite often we apply for a role more in hope and expectation than because we intend to improve ourselves in order to meet the job's requirements. If we search about the job and identify what skills we should have so that to get a job, if we work out how we can demonstrate to the employer our commitment to getting those skills, this increases our chances of success in the hiring process.

8. Sell yourself face- to- face.

How much are you prepared for the initial conversations that you are going to have with recruitment agents and employer organizations? How comfortable are you with the idea of the second and third conversations and the presentations you will be expected to attend and give? Put some effort into selling your best during those meetings.

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9. Build your brand.

Do you know how good is your brand? What are you doing about creating your profile through the right channels and platforms? Start by signing up to LinkedIn. As the biggest professional social network in the world, it is very much the powerful influence of the day.

10. Bring it full circle.

Update your online profiles regularly. As soon as you publish and update your profile, the opportunity is that there will be people looking at it. Update your profile possibly 3 months to 6 months.

Follow these steps and you will increase your focus in the job search, in turn increasing your chances of being successful in it.