5 Steps To a Better Economy

If month after month you experience a deficit in the account, you probably have unresolved relationship with economics. There are many people today who belong to the growing middle class. The compensatory lifestyle is a characteristic factor for the middle class. But if you indeed want to fix your financial situation, you should initially find some rules and steps to follow.

Here are five steps to make sure you are able to manage your finance wisely.

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Step 1:

A good starting point is to create an overview of one's consumption. This could be, for example, by collecting all paper information. The trick is that by the end of the month you get a true picture of where your money goes. It is much easier to adjust  spending accordingly.

Step 2:

Another way you can create an overview is to calculate your monthly disposable income. Your disposable income is the difference between your fixed income and your fixed expenses. The disposable income is precisely the number that the bank looks at when it has to get an overview of your personal finances. Of course, there are some individual factors which have impact as well. This could be, for example, your geographical area since it is is considerably more expensive to reside in London than in Bath. Therefore, it is not rocket science, you should have a high disposable income as possible as you will find it easier to cope with contingencies.

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Step 3:

If you constantly use more than your available funds permit, then you probably might end up with debt. In this case, it is about to become liquid- which must therefore also be money in your account in the end of the month. Your next goal should be to become debt free. You should make sure to get rid of the short- term debt first, if you have one. It is no doubt, those are the most expensive to have. It is usually small consumer loans and instalment plans.

Step 4:

The next step is saving. Once you have created balance in your personal finances, then you should start saving money. Savings is a good foundation in terms of creating liquidity going forward, while building a financial buffer. That is to be five per cent of your net pay aside each month- after three or four months, you can evaluate how the savings period has developed.

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Step 5:

It is not a secret that the fixed costs can vary over time, if you have a floating rate or an adjustable- as it is called. The variable interest follows the market. A variable interest rate can of course be beneficial in the short term, since you are able to get a lower interest rate. But there are both advantages and disadvantages.

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A healthy economy is to make appropriate choices, and obviously not spend more than you can afford. It is of course always a possibility to get yourself extra work, but it both time- consuming and binding. Another option is to consider the possibility to make money online. Today there are many such opportunities. One of the most popular options could be online surveys, blogs, selling the clothes, translations, etc. There are many possibilities, since the interest for freelance work only seems to be increasing.