Make Money and Get Experience Through a Student Job

Being a student gives you the opportunity to acquire a lot of knowledge that can help to make you conscious of what you want to work when you finally enter the labor market. Also, it is a beneficial way to acquire some useful experience and attention to the tasks which are especially appealing and you want to work with afterwards. 

In addition, while being a student, you can build a network which can prove to be extremely important in the future. It is known as the worst- kept secret that many jobs gradually disseminated and filled through networking. The entire 48 per cent of graduates are hired through their experiences from former student. Companies have therefore a clear tendency to prefer graduates who have completed their theoretical experience in practical through their education. 

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Stand out from the crowd

At a time when work is not a matter, it is extremely important to have a student job, as it was said, it can be a ticket to your future employment. Competition for student jobs has increased during the last years. However, it means that you should take a hand in, and try to seek out the companies that you think might be interesting to work for. 

Of course, at the beginning of your search, you should use traditional job boards where you can create profiles, and a description of yourself and your resume, and hope there is a company that takes it.

But one of the best advice is based on your network. You absolutely must not underestimate the value of your network when you need to look for a job. Some use their networks as a form of rumour exchange where they get information about vacancies. While this may seem a bit brash, it is still an effective way. So, go ahead and ask around in your network- ask rather too often than too little. Probably you understand that a job will not fall from the sky, although who knows...  :) Furthermore, it acts pro- active rather than re- active, giving an advantage in a competitive job market. 

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Try out new ways of job search

Another option is to send unsolicited applications out. Investigate the companies you find to be interesting for you, and you could imagine to work for. Before sending you application off, you should examine the values of the company and in extension, try to apply them in your application. It shows that you have done some investigation and put some efforts about the business, know the challenges they face. Then you will find that it becomes much easier to target application specifically for the company. 

There should be no doubt that job experience decorates tremendously on your CV, but you should under no circumstances overrule volunteering. Volunteering offers exciting and educational environments in which you can be challenged and build up a lot of useful experience. And remember, that all experience counts. It is also worth noting that you often get assigned more responsibility through volunteering. Additionally, it is really something that is weighted heavily in the labor market, and it demonstrates a high commitment and desire to learn. By volunteering, you come naturally in contact with all kinds of people who may eventually can be relevant in your network. 

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Finally, if you are not successful to find a relevant student job, then you can still consider about other options such as freelance work, student programs to work in summer, or even online surveys