Online surveys: It's all about the respondent

Size matters.

When a respondent sees a lot of text, the motivation will leave just as the moment it came. It is important that the online surveys contains maximum 15 questions.

Make sure it goes fast and smooth. Easier for them and you.

Simply simple.

"Do you think that after listening to the complex guest lecture, it was a waste of time to write an essay about it?" Do you feel like answering this question during a survey? Nor does your respondent. He will be long gone from the webpage even before he gets started! Too long and complicated is a no go!

Shutterstock _102605417What's in it?

In the beginning explain what your survey is all about. Write a short but strong explanation in order for them not to get bored before they even started answering the survey.

Eye-candy works!

Customise your survey, because a good-looking survey gets more attention from a respondent. Make sure the brand and logo and other fancy coloured stuff about your company is visible. Customisation can ensure long-term recognition for your company.

Picture it!

Use visuals in your survey! Respondents don't like to dig too much in their memories to remember something, they like to be helped a little. This type of interactivity makes them more concerned and willing to answer.

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Every respondent likes to receive something back for their time. So you might consider to give them an incentive, which might create some kind 'relationship' between them and the company they are responding for. Only positive!

It's all about structure.

Use structure in your survey and put the questions in a logical way in order not to confuse them. There is nothing more annoying than a survey that lacks clarity. The respondent will be confused and his answer wouldn't be genuine enough.

Games are the new normal.

Last but not least: Use fun. By using gamification in your questions, it stimulates the respondent. It makes it more interesting, more fun and definitely more human.

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With this tips you are on your way to make the experience more enjoyable for the respondent, because in the end it's all about them.