The Best Platforms to Find Freelance Jobs

Make you dream come true to work from home

According to the latest figures released by Eurostat, currently there are about 31 million self- employed workers in the European union. In Spain, the figures reach almost three million freelancers. The growing number of self- employed workers probably appears because of the advantage working from home offers: time and place flexibility, reduced stress, saving time and money, etc. 

Internet offers a wide variety of job opportunities for those wishing to overturn self- employment. If the option of working from home attracts you, then here you may find some useful things to know where to look for a job as a freelancer. You should also take a look at our Best Guide to Become a Freelancer.

1. Freelancer

As the name implies, this is the website where you can register as self- employed and find jobs which suit your skills. This platform connects 13 million employers and freelancers globally in more than 247 countries, regions and territories. The areas of website include software development, writing, data entry, design through engineering, sciences, sales, marketing, accounting and legal services. If you are an expert in any of these subjects, do not hesitate to start looking for work from home on this site. Members of this platform can browse jobs that match their specific skill sets, and apply to their chosen openings directly. 

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2. Elance- oDesk

Elance and oDesk used to be two different companies but today Elance- oDesk is one of the largest platforms. It has over two million registered companies seeking professionals who work from home, and more than eight million registered freelancers from more than 180 countries. Job offers nine categories: Web development, Writing and Translation, Customer Service, Software Development, Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing, Design, Business Services, Networks and Information Systems. 

Within each of these categories there are several sub- categories very specific, so surely you can find jobs that suit your professional features. 

3. Peopleperhour

This platform has 10,000 registered freelancers and has eight job categories: Design, Web Development, Writing and Translation, Sales and Marketing, Multimedia, Social Networking, Business Services and Software Development for mobile devices all of this jobs are perfect for work from home. It has a system of Hourlies, a term that comes from the word hour which means time in English. This system is useful to promote your services and you can publish the tasks you can do in an hour, for example: "In one hour I translate 1200 words from German to French". 

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4. FlexJobs

FlexJobs offers listings for part- time and freelance positions in more than 50 career tracks. The company hand- screens each telecommuting job, so you can be sure that you are applying to a legitimate company. FlexJobs also offers skills testing, job search tips and special members- only discounts throught the site's partners. 

5. Guru

This platform directly connects businesses with over 520,000 freelancers who specialize in over 160 professional categories including: website design, programming, graphic design, business consulting, and administrative support. Whatever your specialization is, you can be sure that the site has a wealth of projects in your field for working from home.

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Now you have the main tools to begin freelancing: your knowledge and platforms to access various jobs that match your professional profile. Also, remember that if you want to work from home, you can always do so on Surveybee with paid surveys!