The Myths of Working From Home

There are many external factors which have influence on one's working from home. It is possible to obtain many reasons to work from home, rather than being permanently in the office. It helps to avoid travel time, the sometimes annoying colleagues, it offers flexibility, etc. This is just a small sample of reasons to work from home, and you probably have a number of additions. 

However, there are some myths related to working from home which we have to clear out. 

Myth 1. Can you work in your pyjamas?

Usually we have a number of regular morning rituals which are individuall anchored. The most common morning ritual that we all share is of course what to dress properly for a day at work. Most claim that if you work from home, then you should dress still same as you would do at the office. It is claimed it influences creativity and productivity. However, it is not always truth. For some people, their nightware will not be an obstacle to productivity. So, it depends on personality. 

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Myth 2. Can you work at any time you want?

You could actually work all 24 hours if you want to. But if you don't want to waste a lot of time and finding yourself at the end of the week with all undone tasks then you should defenitely structure and coordinate your time. The good thing about working from home is that you actually can structure your time as you like.

Myth 3. Will you be less productive?

Studies have shown that productivity increases if you avoid the many distractions that are in the workplace. It avoids the large flow of information that thrives in a workplace, so you get more time to immerse yourself. In addition, when you work from home you can also avoid colleagues who come randomly to talk, what may also remove focus. Surely, it depends personally on your situation it home- if you live alone or with a big family. Consequently, if you live alone, yopu may be very productive, and, contrarily, if you have a big family, then you might be distracted often and your productivity will not be that high.  

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Myth 4. Will your workplace forget about you?

You may easily risk going into oblivion when you no longer spend your day at work. In this context, you possess even a great responsibility in terms of being proactive when it comes to communication to the workplace and colleagues. 

Of course, there are numerous ways to stay in touch- and some of them could be to participate in professional and social events as well as regular meetings with the boss, why switch to the workplace strengthened. In addition, you automatically become isolated and cut off from work when they choose to work from home. 

Myth 5. Is it difficult to separate work and personal life?

If you choose to work from home, it requires a great deal of self- discipline, as there are a number of interests that might collide. This obviously requires structuring and coordination to avoid work- life collide, which would blur the divisions that are crucial to maintain the motivation and job satisfaction. It is recommended that you keep the focus on work and not doing things that do not work during working ours. In addition, it is also necessary that you take some break from work.

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Myth 6. Does it become more difficult to obtain promotion?

Obviously, when there is no real contact between employer and employee, it might be more difficult and complicated to get promoted. Absence at work will not help to increase the chances to get promoted obviously but still you can find a way to solve it. 

It may come as no surprise that the balance is individual and determined by the factors, the individual experiences in daily life and work. The discussed myths should not be understood as unambiguous guidelines to be followed if one day you have to choose to work at home or not, but they could form part of the some considerations.