Work Abroad and Earn Money

Working abroad before seemed to be more difficult to realise, but nowadays, in the globalisation age, it its becoming more and more popular. Thanks to internet you can do jobs online, anywhere you want. At the beginning, it may look to be difficult and complicated, but especially through the loads of information online, it has become easier to get an idea of that.

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So, there are different options: either to apply for a job on your own, but you can of course also try to be posted through your workplace, which is the one you are most likely to come to work abroad. As a student, you can choose to work abroad during the summer break, or you may choose to seek work abroad after finishing school. Also, there is voluntary work opportunities, such as European Volunteer Service (EVS) if you just want the experience but not to save extra money. 

Surely, it is easier to get a job abroad when you are already abroad. However, if you are not located abroad, there are various search engines and work agencies where it is possible to seek for help.  

Practical information

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Working abroad requires a lot of practical planning, which is necessary. Some of the things you need to be aware of is decision of the trip you have to go on, which partly depends on destination and duration. Also, it is very important to check the conditions of entry and residence. 

In a connection with the application for a residence permit, you must also show a proof that you have a permanent job in the country. Some countries require a visa which is obtained by permission. For specific regulations, you should check your home country's Ministry's website. 

In addition, you must be able to demonstrate professional qualifications and experience. In this context, it is particularly important that you have relevant documentation to prove what you have learnt. You must also check if your profession is regulated in the country, so you are advised to have a description of your business and the approval of your education. In countries outside the EEA, it may be a problem to get work and residence permits which depend on the purpose of your stay. 

Differences across the world 

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The rules for each country depend on several factors, such as duration and the country you intend to stay in. It is always important that you are updated within the country- specific legislation and political conditions, as these are periodically changed. It might be tough to get a job abroad, if you do not have any connections or there are other obstacles to access  the job market.

In most cases, you should not have a problem with getting a license, as long as you have a job. The company in which you have obtained must demonstrate that it is not possible to find similar skilled labor within the country, therefore, they have been forced to look for skilled foreign workers. It is also worth noting that work and residence permits are only issued for a limited period. If you do not have the necessary authorisation to work and reside, you can not be insured and you are risking deportation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have the practical formalities in place.