Become More Efficient When Working From Home

The number of people who are working from home in the UK has been increasingly growing in the last years, reaching an amount of almost 14% of all people in work. This growth is justified with the fact that most people prefer turning their home into an office space, rather that working in one, due to all the benefits that it provides. Nevertheless, there are several pitfalls that you can fall into, when you are working from home and decrease your performance level, but don't panic! Here are the solutions to all your work from home related problems.

Work your look

One of the big benefits of home-working is that you can literally get out of bed and start working in your pyjamas and things like messy hair or morning breath don't bother you. Well this is your first mistake, dear homeworker.

Even though you don't really interact with clients that you have to be presentable in front of, dressing for your job has a huge impact on your performance. When you have dressed, showered and look decent, you immediately start to take yourself more seriously, become more concentrated and determined to start your work day at your home.


Set your working hours

Even though you may have a job that just has to be done, regardless when, it's best for you if you set up a schedule, when you are working from home and stick to it every day. When you start working at different times every day from home, your biological clock gets confused and your brain basically doesn't know when to work efficiently. Set up your home working regime and results will come immediately.

Designate your office area

It's always convenient to lay around on your bed with a laptop while working from home, but this is the opposite of good when you actually trying to do your best. Make space that will function as your office only and you won't use for any other activity, possibly in another room than your bedroom or kitchen.

Make sure that you sit straight, not lay down while you're working from home. If you're laying down it will keep you from getting tired and sleepy easily and also prevent you from getting back problems.

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Don't neglect breaks

No matter how many things you have to finish during the day, when you are working from home, give yourself a break! Research shows that taking small breaks, improve your concentration and you perform better, because otherwise your brain goes into a passive state where you can't actually force it to do anything efficiently.

Moreover, try to make your breaks effective. Don't just sit in front of the TV or stare at the wall, get up and go for a walk or any other light physical activity, even dancing to your favourite song will make you more energised and motivated to continue work from home.

Plan in advance

In order to be efficient, plan your tasks in advance and if your job allows it you should prioritise them. This is a good tool for staying organised and not neglecting a task or missing a deadline, when you are working from home.

Moreover, when looking at your daily plan in the morning, your brain gets an idea of the intensity of the schedule, which is good to avoid feeling overworked at the end of the day. So even though your are working from home, plan in advance!

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Get rid of distractions

Try to remove all the obstacles that may affect your concentration, when you are working from home. Start with social networks and non-work related emails or chats. You may think that replying to an email or message for a quick 2 minutes doesn't get in the way of your work, but it sets your mind to a complete new direction and you lose all the focus that you've had.

Music can be a good stimulating tool, since complete silence in your home may cause your brain to associate it with resting and make it work slower.


Do a daily recap

It may sound like a waste of time, but a review of the day when you are working from home is a good way to get an overview of the finished amount of work and see if you have to alter your daily plan. Of course, later reward yourself for the good job!