Best Online Part-Time Jobs For Students!

Writing blog posts

Recently, it has become a very popular trend among young people to run their own blog. It gives a huge satisfaction when you see that your page has many followers and everyday someone visits it in order to read or comment on the newest piece of information you've written. The most exciting aspect of writing blog posts is that you can make money online. How?

  • Simply set up your blog (you can choose from already existing blog platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Medium etc. where you can create your account).
  • Start writing posts in your free time and publish your blog whenever and wherever possible.
  • Write to the hiring manager or freelance editor of the blog which has lots of followers and publishes posts daily, whether there would be a position for a person like you. Don't forget to present your product which is your own blog.

Answering online surveys

Usually, when you see that the survey pops up on the internet you are very unwilling to take part in it. However, would your attitude remain the same if you had been offered money by simply answering the questions? You can easily make money online by answering online surveys.

  • Sign up on the website offering paid survey panels.
  • Choose which surveys you find the most interesting to fill out.
  • Send the results and get money/gifts/vouchers for it.

Read more about Online Surveys here.

Playing games

Playing Games Laptop

Yes, that's right. You can think it's ridiculous that you can making money online, while doing one of the things you are doing on a daily basis. Either way that's how the game producers get advantage of you, as the person which is testing their product. You only have to:

  • Make an account on one of the websites which states that by playing online games you will get extra money (don't forget to double check whether it's not a scam).
  • Play games and share your opinion or advice in relation to it.
  • Be awarded with great prizes and cash.

Online tutoring

Are you patient? Are you a specialist within any field? Maybe you should consider making money only by being an online tutor! You decide whether you feel like having individual, group classes or you would like to conduct them through Skype or e-mail. You only have to:

  • Search for a tutoring company hiring students for online teaching.
  • Fill out the basic assessment.
  • Teach others!


If you can speak fluently some language and you have relevant documents to prove your skills (language certificate) you can start working for an international company as a translator and making money online. How to do this?

  • Write to the company you are interested in working with.
  • Send your language certificates and tell them why you think that you're a suitable person for this position.
  • Wait for the first document to be translated.


As you can see, it's not that hard to find a job which doesn't oblige you to spend your precious time on doing things which you find boring. You can just sit on your couch, wearing pyjamas and make extra money online.