Make Money Online Without Getting Scammed

There are many ways you can make money online. You can for example provide services, being a freelancer or host your own website, etc. But in the urge to make fast money online, many people fall in the traps of job scams, which not only don't deliver profit, but they often end up losing money at the end. This has become a common practice, so if you wish to know how to protect yourself and find a way to make money online, you better read further.

1.Don't be naive

Never fall for unrealistic job ads, such as "We pay £30 per hour, no experience needed". There isn't a world where you can earn that amount of money online, if you have no relevant skills. Be aware that most of the good jobs online with high pay will require an education and amount of experience.

Where can you find the scam:

Mostly in the ad column of various small websites and blogs, which shows a picture of a happy person with a quote next to it, stating something like "I work 20 hours per week and earn £1000 by doing nothing". This would not be the proper way to earn money online and would definitely be spam e-mails.

What to do:

Don't click on those ads, search for legit job platforms where you can earn money online, instead of private websites.

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2.Be aware of the hiring process

Companies usually don't call you for a job, unless you are some crazy popular genius in your field. So whenever a company reaches out for you as an employee, be suspicious. Moreover, employers who won't see you personally in an interview before they hire you are most definitely trying to cheat you in some way.

Where can you find the scam:

Scammers can get your contact info, or just randomly call you to "hire" you on behalf of some company, you can receive an online offer or even by post.

What to do:

Don't accept an offer by a questionable company representative, demand a personal meeting before signing anything. You can earn money online, without being contacted by a suspicious company.

3.Always do a background check

A newly developed scam is, that a well-known company name is used for hiring online employees. But the trick is that the company is no longer existing. A lot of people get tricked by this because they want to make money online and rely on the company name, thinking "It's a well-known company, it can't be a scam.", so they give their information and are getting scammed.

Where can you find the scam:

Small job websites, job offers from privates, separate pop-up job ads.

What to do:

Whenever you see a job ad that interests you, always check if the company is legit, if it still exists and if the poster is an actual representative of it. You can always go to their website and find listed job positions, a staff list and determine if the job is genuine.Shutterstock _153382451

4.Never fall for ads that require you to pay money

You may find a lot of offers, stating that you will get a job position and earn a lot of money online. The catch is you just have to pay a small amount for initial set up, starter kit, access to the company or more information. This seems appealing since you pay a minimum and are promised to earn a lot of money in return, so it seems like a good investment.

Where can you find the scam:

Small and even medium sized job platforms, but it's usually not mentioned in the description and you find out about this in further communication.

What to do:

Never agree to pay anything. Legitimate employers would provide all of the needed materials for their staff and not ask for money, when you are going to make money online. All kinds of start-up materials or application fees are definitely a rip off.

5.Pay attention to the details

Many scammers make small mistakes when trying to cheat people. We usually don't notice them because of the excitement of the amazing offer we have just got, where we have the opportunity to make money online. Have you noticed that the ad emphasises more on the salary than the job description or you get emails from a strange personal e-mail? Congratulations, you've reached an online scam where you have no chance to make money online. 

Where can you find the scam:

Basically anywhere, since those are little details that the job platform moderators may have not paid attention to.

What to do:

Be alert at all times and verify anything you find suspicious. Leave the excitement for later and take a second to justify the job ad.

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Take another perspective

Before getting thrilled about an offer to make money online, always put yourself in the employer's position. Would you pay that amount of money for such work? What requirements and job description would you have? Ask yourself all the questions needed to find out if everything fits into place and is reasonable.