Jobs For Teens- How to Make Money as a Student

Since some extra money is always welcome, no matter if you're a teen or an adult, you may wonder what jobs can you get as a student? Turns out that there are many opportunities for part time jobs, just make sure that you check the national regulations on child labor to see if you have the right to work and also for how long. Below are some ideas on available jobs for teens that you can get hired for, where you can earn some extra money, and there is no specific skills and is available to everyone!

Work in an animal shelter

Animal shelters tend to love hiring teenagers, since they are a lot more excited and affectionate towards animals than adults. And don't worry, no one is going to give you heavy tasks like taking care of old animals or dealing with cremation. You'll probably be responsible for adoption, with having to "introduce" the animals to their prospective owners or persuade them to adopt.

To be honest, you'll probably get to deal with dog poop every once in a while, but who cares, you get to cuddle with fluffy pets all the time and earn some extra money!

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Source: UK Goverment Website-Child labor

Become someone's right hand

This is a very practical and maybe exhausting job, but it pays well and give you some extra money. You can advertise yourself around the neighbourhood and get hired as a personal assistant. What you get to do is run errands, do grocery shopping, dry cleaning or maybe even cooking, sorting documents or any kind of practical job that busy people don't have the time to deal with.

It already sounds annoying, right? But if you're good enough you get the chance to receive a salary above 15 £ per hour, which will give you a good amount of extra money. How does that sound for a student, huh?

Pack, move or deliver

There are many companies, willing to hire teens for different services, including packing, warehouse work, moving boxes or delivering small packages. This might be more suitable for boys, since it involves physical labor. But girls can look for such work in specialized toy or cosmetics shops, and earn some extra money as well.

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Source: Tulane University Website

Be a nanny

Yes, you've probably thought of that one also, but why not? You can always choose not to work with wild, screaming kids. You can pick them by age or so and still earn good extra money for it. Kids will be much more receptive of a person of their age and if you manage to prove to their parents that you're a responsible young lady/gentleman, go on and play games with the kids all day!

Wash cars/ houses

Last but not least, you can go be a temp in a carwash or housekeeping agency. The work is a little bit more demanding but the law will be restricting your working hours anyway. If you don't want to work in a carwash, you can also gather friends and open one of your own. If you manage to attract people from the neighbourhood to come regularly, it's a great way to make extra money!

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