Jobs for Teens - Make Money and Work for Yourself

In our previous article, we shared with you 5 opportunities to find a job and make money as a teenager, but what if you want to make money and work for yourself? Here are some suggestions on how to start your own small "business" and make extra money while setting your own schedule and pace of work. Consider also the possibility to make money online with paid surveys!.

Try tutoring

This is the most obvious one, but there are more sides to it than just helping a kid do their homework. There are many possibilities to become a tutor, even if you're not that good in school. You can tutor kids (or even adults) on drawing, singing, playing music (if you have the skills, of course), coach on many sports or even organise communication and personal skills development sessions. In that way you can make money, while doing something you like.

This have become very trendy, since many parents are worried that their kids are growing up in a bad environment, being bullied and refuse to talk about it. And it's much more acceptable for someone closer to their age to take care of their social struggles for them, even though not a professional. So many parents choose to pay young people to tutoring, so you can easily make while you are helping out children. 


Help the planet

When you have lots of free time, why don't you use it for a common good? If you walk around and collect empty cans and bottles, you'll be doing the planet a favors, while you are making money. Many people still don't care about recycling and throw their trash on the street, which causes pollution, but is also an opportunity for you.

Depending on where and what scrap metal you're recycling you can get up to £4 per kilo. It's not much for a lot of time-consuming work, but it's still something and you're helping a noble cause.

Sell your talent

If you're some kind of a wonder child and have some special skill, go for it and make money on it! You can basically sell anything these days, whether if it's a painting, handmade jewelry or your home made voodoo doll collection. Plus, you get to make money on doing something you love!

Turn into a clown

No, not necessarily a red-nosed clown but a performance artist might be a great idea. Many parents are looking for performers for different events like birthdays or play days for their children and are willing to pay good money, so it's easy for you to make some moneys. All you have to do is maybe buy a costume, figure out a routine to keep the kids busy and satisfied and bring your positive attitude!

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Go compete

Many newspapers, magazines or after school activity programs organise competitions with a usual monetary reward. It could be writing, math competition, spelling bee (okay, you might be too old for that one), sports, acting or any other area that you might be interested in.

This doesn't take up a lot of time and if you're dedicated you have a good chance of winning, which means that you can make some money. Also it would look great on your college application in a few years.