Top 10 Best Paying Home Jobs

These days, hiring home-workers or being one, has gained huge popularity, since it opens up new opportunities and makes it easier for employers. Nevertheless, many got scammed or couldn't manage to find a profitable enough job, when they want to work from home. So here are 2014's best paying jobs you can practice at home:

1. Software/Web developer, IT specialist

Median salary: £34,952- £24,654
Education: bachelor in computer science or software engineering, certification

If you are usually spending all your time on the computer, than this is perfect for you! Usually those kind of specialists maintain systems and write program codes. If you are a bit of an introvert, this is perfect for you - you don't need to deal with any customers and leave the comfort of your home - you can stay at home and work from your computer. If you don't have the required degree, don't worry, with a little luck and a proof for your skills, companies may hire you even if you lack the education.


2. Financial advisor

Median salary: £30,175
Education: Minimum bachelor in Finance, accounting, economics

The main job task are reviewing the clients' financial circumstances, conducting research, analysing information and implementing financial strategies and plans to meet their requirements. You can work with all of these tasks from home, without the customers having a clue. 

3. Teacher

Median salary: £29,471
Education: Minimum bachelor and a teacher's license

This is one of the best options, since you're your own boss and you decide on your clients! Depending on what license you have (elementary, middle, high school) you can tutor students of the relevant age on whatever they need and get 20 per hour while sitting in front of your computer, or using your home as a workplace. This means that you can work from home, while you are teaching students either at your home or, if you don't feel comfortable about that, by Skype. 

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4. Online personal trainer

Median salary: £29,187
Education: Bachelor in health& fitness or other related field, license

Due to the "health craze" in the recent years, online personal trainers have become extremely popular. This means that you can be booked for an working hour at home and have a full workout session using a video chat.

5. Market researcher

Median salary: £23,554
Education: Minimum bachelor in Marketing or Business administration

This also requires a laptop, since the main duties include making marketing plans, desk and field research. When you are working from home as a market research, it can take up a lot of time and energy, so it's good to have an ergonimic chair to sit on, while doing your market research. 

6. Nutritionist

Median salary: £22,931
Education: Bachelor in nutrition, food science or something else related, certification

The nutritionist's main task is to create meal plan for their clients and monitor their progress through time and consult them if needed. That is why you easily can do this work from home, and give the customers the needed service. 

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7. Translator

Median salary: £22,687
Education: Administrative exam, if judicial translator- bachelor degree in translation

Depending on their specialisation, translators either get piled with huge amounts of materials or get hired to translate live conversations, which is often done by a conference call. Therefore you can work with translation from your home and it's not necessary to leave your home.

8. Travel coordinator

Median salary: £21,364
Education: Bachelor degree in travel and tourist management

If you choose this job, you will mainly have to talk to customers and comply with their needs and assist in obtaining travel documentation. You would also have to keep a hard copy of travel records, so maybe you should declare a small home-office station, if you want to work from home as a travel coordinator.

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9. Graphic designer

Median salary: £21,203
Education: Bachelor degree in graphic design

The work of graphic designers is mainly connected with communication with clients and creating visual impact solutions for them. Meetings can happen online or with home-visits and for the practical part they basically only need a computer. So if you have the necessary programs for your computer, you can work as a graphic designer from your own home. 

10. Tech support

Median salary: £18,398
Education: Applied Science in Computer network support, Associate of Science in Desktop Support Technician

Mainly dealing with customer issues and inquiries, also monitoring systems performance and provide support. A great opportunity if you have the education and the patience to work with customers' problems, and you want to be working from home.

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