4 Major Mistakes You Make That Stand in the Way of Your Job Search

People usually have this perception that a successful job search primarily depends on your qualifications, education and experience. While this is true to a big extent, there are many other things that are impressionable and if you get them wrong you may get screened out really quickly. But no worries! There's always a solution to your struggles and we are here to provide it for you.

Mistake #1: Overdoing your resume

Many applicants tend to "overcrowd" their resume, CV, cover letter or any submitted documentation, because they want to extensively emphasise on their experience, qualities or past projects. Nevertheless, what happens is that the employer (surely a busy busy person), sees the 2-3 pages long resume, decides that he has no time  for this and continues to other candidates and your resume ends up in the trash. You don't want that do you?

How to fix it:

First, remove all of the words like many, very, really which actually have no contribution to the content anyway. Then, take a look at your resume and determine keywords. Try to write your sentences with only the basic information and keywords in it. Emphasise more on accomplishments, rather than qualities.


"At my last job, my team was responsible for acquiring new customers and we managed to boost up sales and profit by 20%" - GOOD

"I am a very skilled salesperson, with highly developed interpersonal skills and qualities."BAD



Mistake #2: Neglecting the importance of online presence

Believe it or not, nowadays employers get a huge impression out of your social media profiles. Looking up prospective employees is a must and be sure that your employer will do it. In many cases you can get rejected if he sees inappropriate information, pictures or posts about how much you hate your job or any other related comments.

How to fix it:

What you can do is check all of your networks, google yourself and see if there's some inappropriate information available. Make sure that your Facebook or Twitter profiles present you in the same professional way that your resume does and NEVER make trashy comments about current and former employers.

Mistake #3: Oversimplifying and procrastinating

Maybe you think that all you have to do for the interview you got called to is go through the company website and hope for the best, but it takes much more preparation than that. Your job search won't happen naturally and by itself, if you put no effort in it and then blame the employer for not hiring you.

How to fix it:

Start looking for a job today. There's no point in leaving things for tomorrow and this will not get you further. When you have applied for a position, research, research and research more. Find out everything that's out there for the business and if they call you for an interview, start preparing right away. Find info on the internet or hire an interview coach to guide you through the process.

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Mistake #4: Limiting your possibilities

Looking for a job doesn't have to be only through job portals, or news advertisements, those "old-fashioned" job search methods are totally outdated and only limit your prospective offers. There are multiple jobs online also, which you can easily work from home. 

How to fix it:

LinkedIn is one of the websites has developed to play a key role in online job search and your profile there, with a virtual resume and possibility to input any information you like. Be sure not to repeat Mistake #1, but otherwise go register, follow the steps for improving your profile and proceed!

Good luck!

Bottom line, I'm sure you have definitely found yourself making at least one of those mistakes, but now you know how easy it is to fix them. Now go on and explore your options to make your job search a successful one!