Can Taking Online Surveys Be a Part Time Job?

A part time job is something that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. I for one, had a part-time job delivering papers. It wasn’t fun, but it was enough for me to buy/do some extra things that I’d like to do. The thing is though, does taking online surveys count as having a part time job? Well, first we have to ask ourselves 3 questions:

What Is a Part-Time Job?

Well, we can say that a part-time job isn’t a full time job. So, I guess that part-time jobs is a form of employment that you do part time, contrary to a job you do full time or more. However, how much time do you have to work to distinguish between part and full time? Well, I’ve searched around the internet and most people tend to agree that it’s around 20-30 hours a week.

Now that we have got that out of the way, you don’t have to work 20-30 hours a week consistently to be considered a part time worker. People that work at amusement parks or circuses are not considered full time workers. That’s because their work schedule is evened out due to the higher than usual hours during the summer and not at all during the winter.

How Does This Apply To Online Surveys?

Well, there isn’t a limit of how many online surveys you can take. So, in theory, you could even take online surveys as a full-time job. However, is it really worth it? I decided to take online surveys for a week and see how much money I could make in a week compared to if I just got myself a part-time job.

Well, according to the guardian part-time workers in the UK earn approximately around 120 pounds a week. That’s basically 4-6 pounds an hour and around 480 pounds a month. Now we just have to check and see how much an hour a person taking online surveys will make (depending on how long they’ll take).

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How Do They Compare?

I have researched online surveys and have found out one thing. That you definitely cannot make a living taking online surveys. That is, unless you are unicorn of the survey taking world. If you are a hard to find demographic, then you can make bank.

Since most of you aren’t penguins living on mars (some companies would love to survey that), you have to settle for the average pay that surveys usually dole out. Looking around the internet, I’ve found people making around 100-200 pounds a month.


However, the guys that are making that kind of dough are taking it seriously. They try to take at least a couple of surveys a day. You also get the chance to win some rewards, which could be a potential bump.

In conclusion, yes, you can turn online surveys into a part time job. You might not get as much money as if you just took a regular part-time job. However, if you take online surveys you’re able to control your workflow and, if you’re lucky, win some pretty nifty stuff.