Frugal Living - How to Be Happy With The Money You Make?

When most people hear the word frugal, they generally associate it with lower quality of life, but why does this have to be true? You can still do all of the things you love without spending a fortune and live well. This guide will show you how you can "go frugal" without doing major changes in your life and getting the smile off your face!

Get rid of your preset mind

Frugal living is not just a temporary change you have to make to save money - it's a way of life that you shouldn't enforce on yourself if you don't really believe in it. Even though the concept is that you basically live on less money, that doesn't have to interfere with your happiness level.

What you should do is guide yourself through the reasons why you want to go frugal and determine your goals. Always remember that this is something you do for yourself in the long-run, so don't take it as your last option when you're financially vulnerable.

Put yourself on the top of the list

Happiness > Money

Make sure that whatever you do to improve your money situation, it doesn't compromise with you. Should you be working 10 hours a day for an extra 15? Probably not. So the basic principle of frugal living is to always put yourself first, since what's the use of all that saved money if you work so much you don't have time to spend them?

The universal money tip that everyone should follow is "Don't spend more than you can earn", meaning that if you make 1000 a month, never exceed them. If you do exceed them, you will end up neck-deep in debt and that's not happy at all.

Frugal Living Myths

Set your priorities

Make a list of all the things you care too much about - whether if it's shopping, travelling, entertainment or even food. Then prioritise them and choose one to be your sweet cheat. For instance if you love going to the theatre, include those money in your budget - It's not wrong. if you deprive yourself from everything that makes you happy, what's the point of doing all of it?

When you do that, determine the things you will exclude from your budget or will cut costs on. And it doesn't have to be a drastic change that will turn your life around. Instead of buying that expensive branded dress, wait for the sale and don't go to that fancy new restaurant but try cooking a home-made meal.

Consider alternatives

Why take extra shifts at work when you can earn yourself some extra money from your couch? If you feel like even living frugal isn't getting you the wanted results, you can always do something to improve your financial situation. There are many possibilities to work online even short-term, so you get to keep your job and still raise your income without overworking yourself.

Take online surveys for example, it's a fast and very simple way of getting some cash on the side and not making a big commitment. You can do it anytime and anyplace you want and if you're consistent enough, it pays more than well.
If you're wondering what else you can do, check out our ways to make money online.

Last word

Yes, now you'll disagree with what I said earlier how frugal doesn't affect your lifestyle and you will be right. Even though your financial situation does determine your lifestyle to some extent, it's entirely up to you if it'll affect the quality of your life- it's all a state of mind.
Overall, living frugal and still being happy isn't a myth, it lies on you realising that money doesn't set the direction- you do.