How Do Companies Plan Their Market Research?

Considering the society in which we live and the way it works, we can reach to the conclusion that the best advertising and customer-approaching techniques are online.

Nobody can deny that betting on an online strategy is one of the smartest way to reach our future clients and consumers, those who are sitting on the other side of the screen.

This might look simple and easy, something that can be obtained with a couple of clicks. However, behind this practices there is a long process of research on the needs of our customers and on all of the other factors that have to be taken into account before even starting our online strategy.


What should be assessed to perform a good market research?

In the first place, we have to know who out potential clients are, the people that will read and that that we want to read our ad. Our objective is these two groups of people to be the same, since we want to catch the attention of the ones that could be interested to our product or service. Targeting anyone else would be a waste of resources.

To reach this objective, we have to know the target market and its characteristics: age, nationality, job, language, ...It is also important to take into account the interests the interests of the demographic group that we are trying to reach: find out which web pages they visit and how frequently, in which social networks they are active and how active they are...or which are the means of communication that are best suited for that demographic, in the case they do not use social media or the internet frequently.

“When” is also a very important factor, and it is related to the time slot in which each person is connected to the internet and active on social media. Starting from this information we can infer at what time we could obtain a higher rate of response or a higher number of visits, or at least be sure that our message will get a certain attention.


Is it appropriate to make generalisations to obtain more info about the target market?

The country where the ad will be shown, the nationality or the place where the target demographic lives should be analysed, taking into consideration the lifestyle of that society and its interests. In that case we would be inferring individual interests at a collective level, form the target market at large.

Doing this we can understand and get closer to our objectives, but it might be a bet based more on generalisations than on a real investigation. However, it is still a good idea to study the market with a survey about the habits and the behaviour of our target group.

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After the investigation comes the survey

Through all of this suppositions and investigations, we can realise what are the needs and the expectations of our potential customers and we elaborate a marketing strategy. A simple yet effective way to obtain this kind of information through online surveys directed to a sample taken from the population that we want to reach and that we have previously analysed.

We have to elaborate our survey as precisely as possible in order not to include individuals that we already know won’t have any connection with the product or service that we are developing. After the survey, we will have to analyse the results with the right statistical tools and methods.

It takes a lot of time to prepare a survey and you have to keep into account a lot of factors that directly affect the people to whom it is directed. A wrong or superficial preparation could make the company lose a lot of money and resources, and produce a survey that fails to help a successful product launch.