How to Create a Working Environment at Home?

Choosing a place

Office Design
First of all when you are doing work from home, avoid noisy environment, where you can't even concentrate on your thoughts as every single sound makes you feel anxious and annoyed. If your house is placed in the middle of a crowded street with hundreds of cars passing by, you have to reconsider whether it's a good idea to be working from home in such an area.

Maybe you should work from a nearby cozy library where, especially during the summer, there are not so many people and if there are some, all of them are either learning or reading in silence. This can be a great place to feel motivated by the still surrounding.

If you don't like the library in your neighbourhood, maybe it would be a great idea to choose your favourite café, close to your home with comfortable couches and access to the internet. However, remember to order something from time to time in order to not be asked to leave the place, so you can continue working nearby your home.

Designing your home office

If you finally decide to set up your working place at home you have to think about few things. Having a comfortable couch is not enough to help you in managing your daily task, when you are working from home.

Try to find a place where there is enough sunlight and where nothing can disturb you (for example noisy neighbours, playground next to the window). If you already have a desk in such a place - that's perfect, but if not - go and buy a desk of a relevant size (depending on how much work you are going to do from home) or move the one you have been using until now.

Your desk

Your working station should be clean and tidy in order to easily find relevant items and documents. Keep everything in order so that documents are formed into decent piles of the same category or connected theme/topic. Put your pens and pencils into boxes so that they are not scattered or hidden under books.

Never eat at your desk, when you are working from home. Some food pieces can be scattered around the table so that your documents can get dirty and greasy. There is nothing worse than that, especially if you're about to give them to someone.

It's ok to drink something while working, but be careful about not dropping the liquid on the keyboard, because in most of these situations you will have to say goodbye to your laptop and all saved documents on it.


Sometimes you have to switch the environment, when you are working from home all day. It's not enough if you just shut your computer and start playing with a smartphone. The same goes for chatting on Facebook or reading 9-gag - it is not a real break. You have to go outside to have a walk and take some fresh air and refresh your mind.

Start from the very beginning

Implement the rules right from the beginning. If you stick to them at the first stage it will become a habit. Believe me, it is very hard to work from home as you have to rely only on yourself. Being your own boss can be a bigger struggle than working in the office with the supervisor controlling you, therefore you have to do it by yourself.

 Happy Laptop Girl