Paid Online Surveys for Dummies: How to Sell Your Opinion

Selling your opinion has turned into a common thing during the recent years and many people use it to get that extra money they’ve been longing for. This has been made possible by online surveys. But many still consider it too good to be true and wonder “Where’s the catch?”. Well, there is none, as long as you’re using legit websites such as, but read on to get all the answers you need.

Why can I earn money on online surveys?

Truth is, business it tough these days, competition is fierce and businesses are trying to get the most insights they can on their customers to achieve a competitive advantage. You, as in the potential customer, are in the centre of the world for them and they will do anything to know what you think.

So naturally, your opinion of their company and product is crucial for their future development and they can easily get an idea of that via market research in the form of paid online surveys. And since they wouldn't be able to engage that many people to be genuine in their surveys, they offer incentives.

This way both sides benefit - the company gets all the questions they need answered and you are getting paid for simply sharing your opinion with them and filling out an online survey. 

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How do I start on paid online surveys? is offering you a really easy interface where you have to fill out an application form and we will guide you through all the steps forward. Of course, you will provide general personal information but you have to understand how important that is to the researchers. Nevertheless, your information is strictly confidential with us and will not be provided to anyone.

Once you have set up a profile, you choose the panel you wish to work with, provided the information of what you can earn with them. There are different types of incentives and you get to choose which work best for you. From then on, it’s entirely up to you to fill out surveys you have been screened for. It’s that simple to sign up for paid online surveys!

Be aware that you should be as quick as possible when you receive a online paid survey, so you don't get screened out before you had the chance to participate, since most online surveys have a certain number of people to be filled out by.  

How much will I earn on paid online surveys?

It’s important to notice that filling out paid online surveys isn’t a regular income and cannot substitute a job. It’s simply a way to earn extra money, so don’t expect bags of cash flying at you. You would usually start at a low sum and then with consistency and engagement, you can build up to a lot larger amount of money per online survey.

This growing is done by collecting account points that then transform into money and gift cards. Some panels also have monthly prize draws, so you might be in for winning something big! Extra activities like referring a friend or sharing with your social network get you even more points to boost your online survey income.

So, when you have developed your profile enough, taken various online surveys and decide that you are satisfied with the amount gained you can take your money out and start spending. The money comes to you with the safest methods so you won't need to worry about shady transactions.

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How do I make sure I won’t get ripped off?

Since online scams are pretty common, your suspicion is understandable. As long as you register in legitimate panels only, that don’t require you to pay any money for registration, you’re safe and you can get into paid online surveys. Legit websites wouldn't want anything from you to sign up with them.

Furthermore, always check the confidentiality section to make sure that the website is obliged to keep your information secure, after you have filled out the online survey. Be aware that the information required must not include credit card or bank account numbers or PIN codes. This kind of information is kept only to yourself and if they ask for it, it's probably a scam.

Also, some websites have the option to provide your info to third parties, so beware when you read their conditions. Keep in mind that all money transactions are transferred through PayPal, so do not agree to any other means of pay, when you do paid online surveys. If you follow that advice, you can be sure that you are protected from scammers and your online survey journey can begin! 

How do I keep track of my survey income?

When you have registered in a lot of panels, it’s hard to really track separate incomes from each one. Of course, there are ways to stay organised with online surveys and determine where your money comes from and where you should focus.

Bottom line, taking paid online surveys isn’t hard or scary, it doesn’t require a lot of skills or any investment and it’s simply an easy way to make extra money. So if you have a lot of free time on your hands, why not try paid online surveys? Sign up at and sell your opinion to the people who need it.