Future Freelancing: Be Independent & Work from Home

We have touched on before what sorts of jobs you can do as a freelancer and how you can work from home. With the technological developments of the last decade, those jobs were only the tip of a huge freelancing wave that will be sweeping the world in the coming decade.

Why Is Freelance Changing?

Well, the reason freelance is changing is because the world is changing. And why is the world changing? You guessed it, smart phones. Since the smartphone revolution, it has never been easier to connect yourself, even though you are not at the office. This means that you can work from home and still be connected with your customers or workplace. And of course, business minded people would use the connection to match workers and employers with each other.

How Is Freelance Changing?

Websites, lots and lots of websites. There are huge website services that are providing different services depending on what skills you may have. Want to freelance as a maid, survey taker or taxi driver in order to get some extra cash at the end of the month? There is a website for that, which makes is so much easier to work from home.

What Jobs Will Be Freelance In the Future?

Both taxi drivers and maids received a big shock when freelancers started encroaching on their turf. This led to taxi drivers protesting in different parts of the world. However, that did not stop people willing to freelance from continuing to work. So, as things are developing now, the sky's the limit. We personally hope that ice-cream maker becomes freelance in the future (we have a recipe that is to die for).

How Can I Prepare For This Freelance World?

If you have a job, you should keep up to date on the websites that may be coming out. It’s really easy to do too. Just search for your job on google once in awhile. If you don’t have a job try searching for what you love to do, you’d be surprised to find out that you might be able to get paid to do and there is several kind of jobs that you can do from home.



You should not underestimate social media when you are promoting your brand. After all, that is what you’re doing when you are trying to find work as a freelancer. By having these connections, you are able to cover all your bases.

Even though, you should also promote your brand face to face. If you enjoy photography for example, there are plenty of events that you could volunteer as a photographer. You need to volunteer in the beginning in order to build your profile. As your profile grows you’ll be able to leverage that for jobs where you actually get paid, which will put you a step ahead a bunch of people.

Problems With Freelancing

The major problem with freelancing will not change in the future, so you can’t really prepare for that. The biggest problem being that you don’t have any form of job security. Although, that does mean that (sometimes) you get more money than contracted people and you have the ability to work from home. That is because when you freelance, you’re not committing yourself long term to any single company.

How It’s Improving

Freelancing really wasn’t suitable for people who were introverted. In order to get jobs in the past you’d have to be extroverted and be able to sell yourself really well. Now though, there are plenty of freelancing platforms that allow those of us that are a bit shy have a solid chance of gaining work and be able to work independently and from home