Time to Work from Home! - Managing Your Time While Working at Home

Work From Home? But How?

The digital age is here! We can now cross oceans in hours, when before, it would have taken weeks if not months! Before, you'd have to wait at least until the next day before the person you contacted could respond to you. Now, you get your e-mail as soon as it is done bouncing around servers located around the world. That is the beauty of modern technology, it allows you to work from home!

Why is it then, that everybody seems rushed now-a-days? If everything has become more efficient and faster, why aren't we all sipping margaritas at the beach? Some people just enjoy the commute to work. Others just don't know how easy it is to work from home.

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Gadgets When Working From Home

Now that we can always get in touch with anyone at any point in time, society seems to have evolved with technology. We now have a culture that encourages people to always do something at all times. When working from home, this can be a dangerous thing. So, we created a list that we hope will help!

The Great "Work From Home" List!

Ignore your calendar (sometimes)

We all have things that we have to get done. But, that doesn't mean that they should be the main focus of your life. Sometimes you just have to ignore the calendar, binge watch cartoons in your PJs and eat a healthy dose of quadruple fudge ice cream.

Don't spend too much time planning out every thing!

We know that some things need to be planned out! You wouldn't move to a city without at least checking out some apartments. We're just suggesting that having a plan for every beat of your heart can become an exhausting endeavour.

Try Saying No

It is natural that you would like to help out your friends and colleagues. However, by never saying yes you end up in situations where you just have too much to do! When you have too much on your plate, you can never focus on the thing right in front of you. You're attention will always be drained by the next task/favour/job you have on the horizon.

Shoot The Messenger

Don't worry! We're not actually suggesting you shoot your mail man.. Well, kinda. Sometimes, you just have to shut off your phone so you're not in the position to accept anything! This also has the added benefit that you won't become distracted by the incessant but enticing beeps and boops that drain our attention from our work.

Work From Home

This one is a freebie, you already know how to manage your time! You're working from home! You sit down in the comfort of your own home and manage your time in your own terms. You know that computers and the way the job market has evolved make working from home more attractive and profitable than ever before. You smile because the longest commute you have is from your bedroom to our office.You hold the keys to how you spend your time! Need some extra money for some delicious (but a bit expensive) olives? Well, you just add a couple more hours to your work schedule. Enjoy that olive home worker! You deserve it!