10 Work From Home Myths- Busted

Doing work from home is a hot option to many in the recent years and the population of homeworkers is steadily increasing all over the world. Nevertheless, most people are still very cautious to start because of the spread myths. If you are one of them and still don’t know if it’s worth working from home, read on to help make up your mind.

1. It’s not a real job

Oh, probably the worst misconception about working from home we have ever heard, just because you don’t work at the company’s office, doesn’t mean that you aren’t as valuable as the other employees. It is as demanding as a regular job (sometimes even more!) and the only difference is your location.

Regardless of the reasons why you’re working from home, you will probably keep the same obligations to your employer when you transfer. This is why working from home is sometimes even more challenging- you need to coordinate meetings, reports and keep in touch with everyone at the same time.

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2. It’s one foot out the door

Some people think that if your boss allows you to become a homeworker, that’s one step away from them firing you. Truth is, probably the reason why you are allowed to work from home is because your authorities find you valuable and respect your decisions and needs.

3. You can break the rules

People who work at the office and have their colleagues working from home, tend to think that this way you have more room to not follow the rules. You can get as long of a lunch break you want or not even work at all and there’s no way for your boss to find out. Well guess what, that’s completely wrong. 

Work from home employees get even more control than regulars, most companies have a monitoring system that allows them to track every employees activity on their computer, so your boss can actually know what exactly you’re doing any second of the day. And plus, at the end of the day, there’s no one to do your job for you, if you are too lazy to do it yourself.

4. Everyone can work from home

Most employees will tell you that it’s unfair that they are going to the office while others can work from home. Turns out, not everyone is able to work from home, adapt to the new environment and deal with the same obligations at the same time.

Some people find it easier to get concentrated in the office, while others are better off alone and not being disturbed by anyone. However, if you’re not really the stay-at-home type and feel more energised around people and various environments- then working from home might not be for you.

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5. You can’t work efficiently enough

Another popular misconception is that when you work from home, your productivity levels go down. This one is actually entirely up to you. If you are a well-organised person and manage to set your own working hours and create your own schedule- you may even become more productive!

A widespread belief is that when you work from home, you can’t get as concentrated as in the office. Truth is, working from your home office is quieter, provides a calm atmosphere with less distractions, which makes a great working environment.

6. You will get better work-life balance

You think that you may have plenty of time to clean your house, cook and then when you finish work, go out with your friends or family. Sadly, working from home won’t change your lifestyle that much. You are still bound to work 8 hours a day, feel the same tiredness after and don’t really have much time for yourself, but after all, it’s still a job!

Things are different if you’re working as a freelancer for example, since then you don’t have to deal with a fixed hourly schedule or be available during working time. Then you might get some free time during the day and plan the work you need to do for a different part of the day.

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7. No need for a babysitter

Right now you’re probably thinking “I can get rid of the babysitter, I will be at home all day”. Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes when you are working from home. You are not a stay at home mom, but an employee and you won’t be able to combine work with childcare.

Even if you try, you’ll be exhausted at the end of the day and feel less motivated every day. And you’ll probably end up either not paying enough attention to your child, or your productivity levels will significantly decrease, since it’s too much pressure to deal with both.

8.Working from home is the perfect option

Although due to some circumstances working from home may be a great fit for you, it has its downsides. Sitting in your home office all day and not having the live communication with your colleagues as before, may get you feeling asocial and bring you down.

As much as you haven’t noticed it before, working in an office leads to communication, relationship forming and makes your work better. The lack of human contact may lead to depression, anxiety and overall drop of your work quality levels.

9. No one will take you seriously

And by no one, we mean the clients you’re working with. Many people think that they won’t be able to retain relationships or acquire new customers, because they wouldn’t trust anyone working from home. In reality, work from home is so spread out that it has become a mainstream thing.

Some of the biggest companies hire homeworkers and with the advancement of technology it is possible to keep the working process up and running at your own home. There’s a big chance that your clients have either worked from home themselves, or have employees who do, so don’t consider it as a setback!


10. You’ll turn into a couch potato

Okay, so let’s make one thing clear- working from home has nothing to do with not getting out of bed all day. Homeworkers are just as active as any other and the fact that their home is their office, doesn’t mean that all their work is done in pyjamas, while lying in bed.

If you start working from home and take your job seriously, you will never even be able to work on the couch. Laying down causes you to feel sleepy and lazy and that’s no way to do your job properly. You can also avoid the laziness feeling and energise yourself by taking breaks to go outside or do any kind of short physical activity.