3 Biggest Distractions When Working From Home: How to Avoid Them?

Work from home is definitely not a piece of cake. In order to accomplish your tasks before the deadline you really have to work hard and be self-disciplined. However, even if you are a skilled employee with big knowledge sometimes it can turn out to be a problem. So how can you get rid of your worst enemies during work at home?

Do Not Disturb


The most commonly used portal by people at the age 25-34 (29,7%) (Source: emarketer). It can be a very tempting website to spend time on in order to have a small break in-between given tasks. Constantly updated News Feed makes you check Facebook more and more often. Also you can’t resist adding some (you think) interesting content to your timeline because you need to share it with the whole world, even though you are working.

However, the data says that the average time spent per Facebook visit is equal to 20 minutes (source: Infodocket). This can have a huge impact on the quality of your work you are doing from home. Already 54% of companies have banned access to social media like Facebook and Twitter because they know how big influence it has on the employees. People who have access to Facebook during working hours can be easily distracted and the time spent on work is double as much as usual. Imagine how hard it has to be when you're the one setting up the limits not your boss.

Tip: Stick to the rules when you are working from home. Decide on when you can spend time on Facebook and whether you allow yourself to do this during your job. Maybe it would be a better idea if you could limit the access to the social media while working.

Family & Flat mates

You thought working from home will make your life easier as no one will be disturbing you anymore. If you are not the only person living in your house you should be aware of people surrounding you. They can think that if you are working from home you are available and you have plenty of time. But they are wrong. The problem starts when they approach you with different questions or asking you for help. Children crying, dog barking and turned on TV can’t help you in proceeding with your tasks.

Tip: Inform your housemates that during your working hours at home you are not available. It means no one can enter your room without your permission or ask you to do something. They can do that after you’re finished. Create the schedule for your work and make some boundaries.


Working While Eating

Everyone agrees that eating while working from home is very pleasant. Reading from the laptop screen and chewing salty snacks or some fast food makes you feel more relaxed and happier. Working seems not to be that tiring anymore.

But be careful. Doing two things at the same time is not recommended because research shows your error rate goes up 50 percent and it takes you twise as long to do things (Source: Media 2012). If you don’t want to spend twice as much of your time at your workplace at home, don’t eat by your desk.

Tip: Include in your schedule time for a real lunch in order to avoid distraction from work. Thoroughly focus on what you are working on and if you really need some support play music in the background.