4 Unexpected Ways to Earn Money Online

The idea and ability to make money online is very attractive, but not everybody is aware of the fact that you can do that without selling any good or service. The most interesting way to turn your passions into a source of money is through blogs and social networks. 

Earn Money With YouTube

We all know YouTube, but fewer know that it is possible to earn money only by publishing your own video on the website. The money that we can earn comes from the ads inserted in the videos. Including ads in your clips is very simple, you just need to become a YouTube partner.

Participating to the YouTube partner program, you can easily earn money only by gaining access to advanced page personalisation settings and you will be able to add advertisements in your videos. Nevertheless it is necessary to reach a certain number of visualisations in order to be part of the program and earn the possibility to make money online.

How does it work? It is very simple: the more views your videos get, the more the ads will be clicked and the more money you will earn online. Earnings are on average around 1$ every 100 visitors. The money earned with ads online are credited through bank checks and you need to award at least 100$ in the previous 60 days in order to cash the money.

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Earn Money With a Blog Online

Creating a maintaining a successful blog is a tough job that requires constant effort and dedication. Nevertheless, you can earn a lot of money online if your blog has a large audience. In the same way it happens with YouTube, on site advertising is the way to earn money from your web page.

In order to do so it is necessary to register to one of the many advertising programs available online. The most common is for sure Google AdSense. Google AdSense allows to earn money online in proportion to the clicks that the ads and banners on your website gets. Earning depend on different factors, including the type, the price and the quality of the ads.

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Earn Money With Twitter

The starting point to earn money online with Twitter is to create an account targeting a very specific niche of people in order to gain the highest number possible of followers. Again, the way to earn money online is the same as for YouTube and blogs: registering to a program that will insert in your tweets ads and sponsored links.

There are also programs that pay you to send personal messages to your followers or to have access to your list of followers. Usually the money you can earn online on Twitter varies largely based on the number of your followers.

Twitter -money

Earn Money With Flickr

Among the ways of earning money online taken in consideration, Flickr is the only real sales channel. In fact, Flickr users can make their photographs available for purchase for commercial purpose or similar. This is possible through a partnership between the website and Getty Images.

The earning on selling your photos and earning money online, are about 30% of the final selling price. If the image in not protected by copyrights the money earnings depend on the quality of the photograph and how it will be used.

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