9 Things to Do With Your Money That Will Make You Happier

Today is the International day of happiness! As we agree that money cannot buy happiness you can use it in a way that will help you feel better and improve your emotional well-being. After all, the whole point of the idea to make money online is to live a better and happier life, so let them serve you. Don’t worry, there’s no need for a huge spending, see our 9 simple ways to use money to become happier today!

#1. Make someone’s day

As you’re buying your morning coffee, pay for the one of the person behind you. It will not only make his day better, but your too as you see the smile on their face. Research shows that spending money on someone, whether if it’s a friend or a stranger, will boost your social and emotional state. Also, random acts of kindness can really mean a lot to some people, so you’ll be spreading happiness!

#2. Hit the road

Invest some money to get away for the weekend. You won’t believe how much 1-2 days outside your usual surroundings will refresh you. There’s no need for a fancy vacation, just take your car and drive anywhere. The feeling of not knowing what’s next, no schedule or rush, will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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#3. Be a social spender for a day

Besides spending on others, spending with others also promotes your well-being. Whether if you go to a restaurant or buy rollercoaster tickets, it creates experiences and feeling of affection towards the people with you and therefore you brain recognises it as a well made investment.

#4. Go deal-hunting

As much as we don’t want to admit it, material goods make us happy. While spending a huge amount of money on something big brings mostly a feeling of doubt, buying small things on a great deal is a huge happiness booster! Go to your favourite stores and look for things that you can live without but would like to have. Don’t be self-critical- you don’t do it every day!

#5. Treat yourself

Everyone has that one thing they love but don’t do every day. Today is the time when you should set aside time for yourself and do whatever makes you happy- whether it’s going to a spa, eating at your favourite restaurant or going to see a movie. Do whatever will make you happy and forget about the rest until tomorrow.

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#6. Do something new

Remember that thing you’ve always wanted to do but either didn’t have the time or money for? Well why not do it today? Going bungee jumping? Signing up for a cooking class? Go for it. Studies show that the happiest people usually tend to do as many new things as possible. New experiences are always a boost and there’s no better day to try it than today.

#7. Be extreme

Well, this might not be for everyone, but consider giving it a shot. Bringing your adrenaline levels up will increase the release of happiness hormones and your excitement level. Not only that, it would be a great experience. It’s up to you to decide what your limit is and what extreme is to you- water skiing, go-karting, rock climbing or parachute jumping? Figure out what your thing is and go crazy!

#8. Adopt an animal

Go to your local shelter and find yourself an animal. Whether a dog, cat or a guinea pig, it will change your life. In some shelters you have to pay an adoption fee but it has nothing to compare to the companion you will get. The reason pets boost happiness level so much is that they entirely depend on their owners and are genuinely happy around them, so they feel like the most special person on Earth.

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#9. Donate to charity

This is probably the most satisfying use of your money. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and go visit the people fighting for it. You can even volunteer with them for a day. At the end at least you know that you’re spending your time and money on something that is noble and more important than buying that flat screen TV.