Earn Extra Money While Studying

Feeling a bit cash-strapped? Here’s how to earn extra money as a student

Some tips on how to earn extra money while studying in uni

Living off a student loan is hard work considering the high weekly living expenses to cover food, rent, books, transport and the mandatory weekend beer. Students outside London are allowed to borrow a max of £5,555 while London-based students can borrow up to  £7,751. On top of that, worries about deferred payments for the £9,000 tuition loom over every student's head. For many, these loans are barely enough to make ends meet so a lot of students are forced to find additional means to earn extra money alongside their studying.

If you happen to be a student struggling to get by, here is a look on some ways to make money online that help you earn extra income while being a university student.

Turn your tech savvy skills into income

There is a growing demand from small companies and startups for tech savvy talents who can do tasks such as designing websites, blogs,graphics and social media updates. Not only do you pocket an extra bit of money, the experience you gain is also an excellent way to help improve your CV for future career prospects. /p>

Since these jobs allow you to work online and in your pyjamas, this is ideal for the busy uni student who has little or no time for traditional part-time jobs. The amount of money you can make depends on your skill level, the company and number of projects that you can take on. We recommend checking these job search websites to help you find these opportunities: StudentGems, Internwise and StudentJob.

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Contribute in market research

If you can spare a few minutes a day sharing your opinions by participating in a market research, there are plenty of companies that will pay you in cash, redeemable points or gifts incentives for filling in their surveys. As the information you provide these companies as a panelist are valuable and will help them gain a better understanding of their consumers, they are usually more than happy to pay you some extra money for your time and effort in helping collect these data.

If you are interested in getting paid to do these online surveys but are unsure which ones are authentic, we recommend SurveyBee to get you started. Registration is easy and free and more importantly, the rewards you can redeem are guaranteed.

Become a psych research participant

Interested in earning some extra money while contributing to science? Universities often need to recruit individuals to take part in psychology experiments and tests. More often than not, you can receive monetary compensation or course credits for participating in these experiments. Make sure to keep in touch with your school’s psychology department to stay updated with their latest postings.

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Consider a teaching gig

Offering tutoring services can be a very good way to supplement your income with some extra money. As a native English speaker, the opportunities for online English tutoring to non-native speakers can be a lucrative source of revenue. We suggest visiting freelancing websites such as Freelance,Elance and oDesk to land these side jobs. You can also consider tutoring for pupils taking their GCSEs and  A-levels exams. Advertising your offer in your local community’s Facebook page, newspaper or community boards is the easiest and usually a free way to get the word out. 

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