Gamification! How To Make Working From Home Fun

One of the cool things about modern technology is that you can make cool interfaces for just about anything! That means that you can use graphics and creativity to change the context for a bunch of menial tasks. Tasks that, when doing work from home, may require some extra motivation.

First of all, what is gamification? Well basically, it’s about introducing an aspect of play into what usually is a dreary activity, which you may find boring. This can be done through applying an exp. progress bar or any other sort of activity that you’d usually only find in games.

Which, if applied, means that when you’re doing something mind numbing like filling out tax forms, you’re not just doing that! You’re gaining experience points! Experience points that are used to level up your character!

Applying This to Your Working From Home Routine

Other than the above example, there are plenty of other ways that you can try to gamify your routine when you work from home. Just sit down and take stock at which one of your tasks could be open to gamification, If you do this, you may even find yourself with more time than before.

Gamifying Your Life

Programs That Can Help

There are plenty of gamification programs that can help you recontextualize your tasks when you are working from home and make them more game-like. Although, you need to do a little bit of digging because a lot of these programs are area specific, such as fitness.

One of my favourite gamification program is one called HabitRPG, an app that tries to turn your life into a role playing game. You set up goals or “quests” and then you set up “rewards”. When you complete that quest you get to choose one of the rewards that you’ve set for yourself.

For example, you really don’t like to read customer reviews left on your website. Instead of just going through it mindlessly, you set up a quest that says “one hour of reviewing customer reviews”. As you work towards your goal you can see an exp bar slowly move towards your goal/quest. It may not be much, but it will give you some motivation when you are working from home. 

When you’re done with your quest, you can then use one of the rewards that you’ve set up for yourself. Those rewards can be whatever you want them to be! A nice cookie, an episode of your favourite cartoon or even a walk around block. All it has to be is something that you enjoy doing and something you can do at home.

If you’re really interested in trying out this program, we suggest you looking around the internet for more alternatives. There are programs such as Superbetter, Mindbloom and many others that can help you on your journey towards making the dull parts of working from home a little bit more bearable.

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