Getting Paid to Answer Online Surveys

There is money to be made in taking online surveys

Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

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We have all been asked to participate in online surveys at one point or another. Your local council may have sent you a questionnaire to gather data on your living conditions and health. You have probably answered one of those fun polls and surveys being passed around Facebook. Some companies that you have recently transacted with may have probably asked you to fill a survey form to get feedback on whether your expectations for their products and services have been met.

Why online surveys?

Collecting and analysing a large pool of data may not be exactly easy to administer but the range of data that can be collected through online surveys are very valuable, thus making this method the preferred research tool by many. Online surveys that gather factual data, beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and opinions is a treasure trove of valuable and relevant information that can help companies define their outlook and future actions.

As many companies require market research to understand existing consumer perceptions of their brands and potentials, they hire the services of research companies to conduct these online surveys for them. In turn, most research companies reward online survey respondents with monetary compensation and gifts in exchange for their opinion and precious time in completing the surveys. Due to these promising incentives, many see the potential of online surveys as a means of earning extra income during their spare time.

Does online surveys sound good? Here's what to expect!

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A word of warning

One must take caution before clicking on that “Get Paid to Take Online Survey” buttons as there are throngs of hoax sites and pop ups preying on vulnerable consumers. While determining if the site is legitimate could be quite a daunting task, fortunately for us, there is a foolproof way to distinguish the scam paid online surveys from the legit ones.

So how do I get started with paid online surveys?

The danish-based company, SurveyBee, collaborates with legitimate market research companies from countries like Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the UK, acting as a channel to reach qualified respondents for data collection through paid online services. Registration and service is free to use and the research companies guarantee compensation for the time and effort you put into completing the surveys.

As these companies pay you good incentives for participating in these online surveys, it is only right to provide them with only your honest and truthful opinions. Although participating in these online surveys is a quick, easy way to earn some extra cash, keep in mind that results can potentially influence a company’s goals and strategies thus being mindful of the impact of your responses is necessary nevertheless.