Home Office Vs. Rented Office

We have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home before. However, we have researched some more and found that there are more things that you need to keep in mind when you work from home. Especially when it comes to where you’d like to have your office.

The Pros of a Home Office

No commute

This is one of the biggest pluses of working from home. You can use the time you’d be using getting to work on sleep. After having a nice and long sleep you wake up and start your day by going to work… In the neighbouring room.

Eating Healthy

Having access to your kitchen is a major incentive to start making healthy food! When you work at an office, you rarely have access to healthy food (that isn’t super expensive). IF you feel hungry when you are working from home, you can just pop over to your kitchen and make yourself a healthy chicken lunch.

No Rent

This is also a very big plus and you can save a lot of money by working from home. Offices in the UK, depending on the area you’re working, can cost a lot of money. The money that you don’t spend on your office can be spent on inventory, which in turn could make you more cost effective and your work-life generally easier.

The Cons of a Home Office

The Personal/Professional Line Gets Blurred

You’re sitting down to enjoy a movie, when suddenly, your office phone rings. You don’t want to take it at first. But, you’re curious, you’ve done good work… It could be that someone is interested in hiring you! You tell yourself that you’ll only do it once, but slowly (unless you’re careful) your professional life starts spilling over into your personal life and you will end up working from home all day.

Hard To Feel Motivated

When you work from home, there won’t be anybody there to motivate you other than yourself. Also, there won’t be anybody that you can look to for inspiration. There’s the internet, sure, but there won’t be a co-worker that pushes you to do more (through competition or otherwise).

Working From Home Can Be Lonely

When you work from home, most of your contact will be through e-mails and phone calls. If you don’t try to be active with your socialising, you will find it very hard to fight off the loneliness. This is very important to consider if you’re a sociable person interested in starting as a freelancer.

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The Pros of a Rented Office


When you work at an office instead of working from home, you get into the rhythm. You get up, brush your teeth, go to work and do your job. Since you spent money renting an office, you’ll be more motivated to make the most of your time while you’re at work.


When you rent a space for your work, you can be sure that there are other freelancers just like you. Since these places undoubtedly have a cafeteria, you can’t help but start talking to a bunch of different people. These talks can either lead to jobs or friendships, both of which are nice to have. You don't have this opportunity when you are working from home, which means you have to be more creative to get in contact with other freelancers. 

A Clear Separation Between Work/Personal

Having your office away from home allows you to clearly separate the business from the personal, where you don't work from home in your spare time. When you’re at the office, you’re clearly in work mode. When you’re at home, you’re clearly in home mode. This of course isn’t the case if you use the same phone for both personal and business calls.

The Cons of a Rented Office

The Cost

When you’re starting out, renting out an office can be a very expensive proposition. After all, you’ve just started and you might not know when you’ll be getting your first paycheck. So, unless you have a job lined up from the first month or you simply can't work from home, your business will be operating at a loss until you get a steady stream of clients.

The Commute

No matter where you find your office, one thing will be true, you will have to commute. This means spending your time in traffic or the tube. Wasting your time getting back and forth from your office can be frustrating. However, this can be remedied by having your office hours just before or just after rush hour.

Eating Unhealthy

If you don’t pack your lunch from home, you will probably start having an unhealthy diet. Cafeterias in office hotels don’t usually have the healthiest options compared to the food you can get when you are working form home. Also, going to that nice healthy cafe next to your office is not an option for a fledgling start up… Unless you want to go bankrupt after the first month.

We hope that this list will help you making your decision. What’s that? You want more information? Well, you can always check out the best guide to becoming a freelancer for some other helpful tips!