How to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mum

Become a stay-at-home mum and still earn a paycheck

Stay-at-home mums, you can make money too!

 Work _from _home_mum Many mothers coming off their maternity face the dilemma of wanting to return to work but feel nagged by guilt to leave the children at home. The lack of affordable childcare also discourages many mothers from joining back the workforce. Too often, working full-time is simply not a choice and yet deciding to become a stay-at-home mum could mean barely affording all the expenses.

Don’t despair! If you are thinking about being a stay at home mum but are worrying about losing significant income, there are ways to make additional money to help you pay the bills where can you work from home while taking care of the little ones. We list some ways on how you can generate extra money by exploring different pathways back to employment through flexible, work from home jobs.

Earn money by doing your hobby

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Whether you are passionate about knitting, baking, writing, design, photography or some other craft, you can make money off your favourite hobby! The best thing about pursuing your hobby as a means of earning money is getting paid for something that you would do anyhow.

The main hurdle for most people who are looking at this option is overcoming self-doubt and dread of self-promotion. Don’t be afraid to get the word out - remember that the key in your success lies in owning your skills. Take advantage of free social media platforms; create a separate Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog account to reach your target customers and make some moneys on your hobby!

Become a social media manager

Good news for tech savvy mums, you can capitalise on your social media to earn money. Stay-at-home mothers who have the right social media skills can now turn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to become social media managers for businesses. Among the tasks the job entails include setting up pages for businesses, interacting with followers through different social media channels and writing enticing content for their blogs and websites.

The opportunities present itself among many small businesses and startups who have got to be thinking of their social media presence but do not possess the proper know-how. Many of these companies are on the lookout for talents like you so jump on board and earn money by managing their social media accounts.

Get paid to do online surveys

Thanks to the online world, it created many jobs that make working from home and being close to the children possible. Among the most flexible, home-based means to earn money is by participating in market research via online surveys. There are companies who offer compensation for your opinion and effort, and  the rewards are often in the form of cash, gifts and vouchers.

The payout varies widely depending on the online survey and it could be anything from a few pence to several pounds. A survey would typically take 10-20 minutes to complete and can be taken on on your own time and own pace. For legitimate online surveys with guaranteed rewards, our pick is SurveyBee. So go on and make some money on paid online surveys!

Make money by blogging

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A lot of mums out there are very keen on sharing their experiences and advices with other fellow mothers through blogging platforms. Some parenting blogs are so extremely popular that it is no secret that many businesses reach out to to these bloggers to help promote their products, in exchange for money or goods.

You too can earn extra income by writing your own blog on your downtime. There is a myriad of things that you can write about: Your journey in motherhood, expertise perhaps and product reviews.

The potential income will come mostly from testing products as well as writing reviews and sponsored posts. If you can write your way into being perceived as the authority in motherhood issues, then there is a good chance of making money through your blog.