How to Organise the Perfect Yard Sale at Home

Price in advance with flexible prices

Handling money correctly is the first thing to care about when doing a yard sale. When you open you need to have prices already set for all of the items on sale and have small bills and change available in case you need it for your early visitors. You should see a yard sale as you are working from home and you need plan everything out.

When deciding the price of the objects you are going to sell you have to be realistic. That means that if the item is in very good conditions you can be able to sell it at a price not higher than 25% of the original one. If the item is worn out or needs some fixing, expect to sell it for even less.

Yard sales are all about bargaining, so even if prices are set in advance, you should consider any offer. People coming to the yard sale know that it is a chance for you to get rid of unwanted objects from your home, so they expect you to be willing to apply some discount. You should also consider cutting prices during the last hours of the yard sale in order not to be left with any reminders.

Promote and advertise

You should do some promoting of your yard sale at home. This will be the key to its success and to make most money out of it. You could promote it in your local newspapers and through flyers and banners around your neighbourhood. Of course you need to include some basic online promotion, for example creating a Facebook event and inviting all your friends to it.

Whichever medium you choose, you have to specify in your ad what kind of items you will sell, without being too specific in order to attract the highest number of shoppers. Nevertheless, you can create some signs to promote special items available at your sale.

Don’t forget that your yard sale is a very local thing, so if you want people to reach your house you need to post signs in order to direct people to your address. You should do that the day before the yard sale.

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Pay attention to items display

All of the items you are selling should be displayed neatly. It takes time, but you have to lay out your yard sale as if it was a store in order to be attractive to the visitors.

Items displayed in an inviting way look like they are worth more money. For example clothes hanging neatly on a rack are perceived more high quality than the same clothes scattered on a table or thrown in a box.

For the same reason everything you sell should be cleaned thoroughly in advance. If you are selling clothes you can also consider spraying them with some odour remover or scent to make them more appealing. If shoppers notice stains they will disregard the item or ask for a discount, lowering the profit you can make from the sale.

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Enjoy yourself and be friendly

One of the most important factors contributing to the success of your yard sale is how pleasant it is for people to buy from you. Be nice and welcoming to the shoppers coming to your home and pretend it is your work. Greet them as if they were your guests and let them browse through the items you are selling without putting pressure on them.

Answers nicely to the questions they might have and if they make an offer that is too low, just make a counter-offer. Making small discounts is the simplest way to make shoppers feel good without losing a lot of money.

It might be a nice idea to provide some music for good atmosphere and to offer some food and drinks to also attract new visitors.

If you really enjoyed hosting the yard sale, perhaps you could use it as an inspiration for your very own home business idea.

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