Looking for a job: How to boost your resumé

Start from your existing resumé

You already have a resumé, and as much as you can think it is good, it is probably not good enough. There might be gaps or weak areas that you cannot see right away.

Make sure all of the following sections are present: Experience, Education, Skills, Volunteer work. In case you don’t have anything to write in any of these areas (e.g. voluntary work) you should consider committing to doing something to enhance it.

Your resumé should include all of the relevant things you have done over a quite long period of time, therefore you have to be careful not to forget any special activity or skill you might have acquired a while ago. Your hobbies can also say something relevant about you, for example sports can indicate you have good team working or leadership abilities.


You might think that your resumé is something very personal, but asking people for advice can offer you valuable advice and perspectives. The best thing would be if you can find advice from someone who has already been successful in the field you are pursuing, or that have experience with human resources.

It is also good to let someone who knows you well help with your resumé. That person could recognize in you important characteristics and abilities that you don’t even realize you had, or that you usually overlook.

Moreover other people can help you find out possible mistakes or typos. Don’t forget that the more professional your resumé looks, the more likely it will get a potential employer's attention.


Engage in activities that look good on your resumé

It is pretty obvious that the best way to enhance your resumé is adding more experiences and skills. The more skill you possess, the more employable you will become. You can start a self-study program at home, both on books or the internet. A good example would be learning a new language. You can also work part time jobs, that might be easier to get than full time jobs.

Volunteering always looks good on a resumé, even if it is not directly related to the field you would like to work in. It shows that you are an altruistic person interested in helping the society at large.

The most obvious way to improve your job marketability is enhancing your education. If you really want to improve your career, then you should consider the path to take and - depending on your previous education - enroll in a higher education program. If you have problems attending school you can also opt for a distance-learning online program.