Making money online as a freelancer, will you?

Are you late for the rent or struggling with your limited income? Or are you still studying and living off your parents? Have you ever thought of making a breakthrough in earnings this year and later? If so, stop with the self-loathing, keep calm and let’s make money online.

My bet is that it just came across your mind to search on Google about how to make money online. Of course it’s good doing so. But trust me, all what you receive is a mess of thousand sites listing out tons of “super-easy” ways to make money online, which will submerge you in desperate confusion and you’re going to give up even before starting . So, researching at this point is no helping at all. Instead, let’s try working on these three steps which focuses most on you.

Step 1: Follow your calling

To my belief, none of us wants to waste time doing things we dislike, even when it can make our pockets a bit fuller. Hence, as a soft beginning in making an online business, we will start with your passion and make it become your paycheque. Make a list writing down what you love to do, what you’re good at doing and what will bring you good money online. The central point which combines all three factors is the niche you should pursue from now on.

Step 2: Find the Match

After finding out the main target to fight for, it is time to do several researches to see which kinds of possibilities of making money online, we’re having now. As you may notice, there are lots of suggestions on how to boost your income. And yet, the problem is that as there are too many of them – some are serious, some sound cool, it might happen that you would lose track and fall into seemingly attractive ideas.


So, let’s get back to our task now. Take a pencil and a piece of paper with you, note down all the possible choices based on your current conditions of time, abilities and required skills. Then, with all the alternatives sorted, choose the one that fits most with your passion.

For example, if you love writing, you can choose to follow it either by being a blogger or writing e-books/articles. If your passion is reading and sharing, you can become a reviewer or an online tutor. It’s all up to your decision on how you want to make money online.

Step 3: Full Engagement

At this stage, let’s change your working mode from “Normal” to “Extremely Active” and work the hell out this.

Once the decision is made on which online job you would do, make several researches about it and try to find the intermediary websites that may get you a good job, where you can earn some money online. Be active on social network as much as you can, join those discussion groups on Facebook, Linkedin or read the shares on Pinterest. They are all good ways to have an overview about your duty as well as collect the tips on it.

However, remember that though it’s about your passion, it’s also your income gate. So if you want to achieve the best results, not only should you do this with passion but you also have to look at it in the business aspects.

For instance, if you choose to develop as a blogger, you must know that blogging won’t bring you any cents. It’s also about business. Hence, instead of blogging about your day / feeling, try to blog deeply about one topic or a product you’d like sell. This will rise your viewer base and so, you can earn money online from advertising or as affiliates.


With todays broad access to the internet, there are many sites / posts that help you make money online easily. However, “all the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired” (Chuck Palahniuk).

That’s why taking your passion as your job with the help from Internet will likely bring you the highest margin of income possibility.
So, take your passion, make it happen and earn money online from now on!