Overcome the Monday Blues- How to Start Your Week Shining

So, it’s the beginning of the working week again and you’re probably dealing with the Monday horror as everyone else. We all know the feeling, no matter if we work from home or with a traditional job. You wake up feeling like a truck ran you over, feel dizzy and the only motivation you have is for going back to your bed. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to fall into the “How am I going to survive this whole week” depression, apparently there’s a cure for everything.

Do some prep

Spend around 30 minutes of your Sunday to plan your week. This may seem simple but is crucial for boosting your motivation and objectives the second you wake up on Monday. When you get up with the thought of what you have to do today and for the rest of your working week, you get more determined and will naturally feel more energised. Of course don’t focus on the little annoying things or errands that you have to do, like paying your car insurance or doing your taxes, this is never the key to good motivation.

Don’t confuse fatigue with exhaustion

The reason that you feel mushy on Monday is that your body has reconnected with your weekend habits like getting up later and having the whole day free for doing whatever you like. And when you have done this for 2 days and then you have to fit in a tight schedule again, your body tricks you into thinking you’re borderline exhausted. Truth is, that you need to realise that it’s a temporarily state of fatigue that will go away as soon as you stop thinking about it and dive into your daily routine.

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Don’t overdose on coffee

This Monday tiredness and sleepiness causes many people to see coffee as their saviour. Nevertheless, not only that it won’t help you get through the blues, but it’s also extremely unhealthy. Coffee gives you a temporarily sensation that you are awake and energised since caffeine triggers certain hormones in your blood. Overdosing coffee won’t make you any more concentrated or awake in the long term and will only elevate your blood pressure and heartbeat, which may lead to sever headaches or further issues.

Do something triggering your positivity

Make a Monday morning ritual to make the start of the week special. Get up half an hour early and do something unusual. Whether it’s a quick morning workout or preparing a decent home-made breakfast, doing something that satisfied you will create a positive attitude for everything you do throughout the day.

Break the stereotype

Even though the Monday blues is a widely spread phenomenon, it is a bit exaggerated and many people worsen their experience obeying the common belief. Than why not break the stereotype? Set your mind to think that Monday is great- the beginning of something new, a week full of opportunities. Get up with a smile and use your positive attitude to impact on others around you.

Overall, no one can escape Monday, but you can make some small changes to avoid the horror and stat enjoying it! Get your positive attitude out and start your week with a smile.