Socializing While Working From Home

It’s a Monday night and you can’t remember the last time you spoke with someone that wasn’t your customer. It’s not that you’re anti-social or can’t talk to people. It’s that you underestimated how much you enjoyed talking to your co-workers on a day to day basis. You like to work from home, but you miss talking to your workers.

Well, get out of that rut! There are plenty of ways that you can get together with the fun variety of people, even though you are working from home! The following are the a bunch of ideas for what you can do when you are feeling like singing those lonesome blues.

Having Fun From Home

Why don’t you start inviting people over to your house? I mean, you’re working from home, so why not have some fun from home? Have dinner parties, regular parties or (my personal favorite) lan parties! You don’t even have to hold parties, just invite some friends over and have fun!

Salsa Bars

There are some bars that provide free salsa lessons as long as you buy a drink. Join in on the fun! Also, you have the perfect opportunity to practice since you work from home. Every day, you’ll be able to practice and (literally) dance like no one is watching! 

I’ve been to one of these salsa bars and believe me it’s good that they tend to make those drinks extra strong. When you inevitably step on somebody’s toes, you can blame it on the drink! Even though I was terrible at dancing, I can heartily recommend it and it's a good way to get away from the workspace at home.

 Socializing from home.jpg

Take Classes

When you work from home, there is a possibility that you’re not really learning anything from another person. Instead, you just read articles on the internet. That’s fine, don’t get me wrong but there is something more that you learn when you learn from an actual person.

So, join some classes! You don’t need to join a class that has something to do with your business. Why not take a class about one of your hobbies? Banjos seem like fun! You’ll get better at doing something you love while being surrounded by people that have similar interests!

Improv Workshops

This one is my personal favorite. There is nothing better than that rush you feel when you make stuff on the spot. The joy I feel when doing improv is also what makes it a bit difficult. How can you play the sad man when you’re enjoying what you’re doing so much?

I also tend to get existencial after these improv sessions. I think about the roles that I play out in society as well as the roles that I’ve seen society plays. It is a fun exercise to give yourself. Every time I do improv, I always learn a little bit more about myself afterwards.

Also, this boosts your creativity! Something that is always a plus when you're working from home. By continously creating things on the spot, you get used to creating a lot of ideas. Sure, most of them won't really help your business but some of them will!

We focused on one of the more negative aspects of working from home, but remember, there are both advantages and disadvantages of working from home.