Top 5 Home Business Ideas

We came out with a list of the top 5 home business ideas that according to us are the best to make money from home safely and easily.

5. Laundry Services and Ironing

If there is something that a lot of people will always hate doing is ironing and doing the laundry. Why not to turn it into a business opportunity? Whether lazy people or busy workers with no time for housekeeping, they are looking for someone else to do that for them. It’s an easy task for you and it can bring you some real good money.

The best part of this is that you can get the work done at your home. You can register to domestic agencies but also set up your own local service. You can decide to charge based on a hourly rate, per item or lb, and then working from home while making money.

Laundry -business -home

4. Baby-sitting and Childcare

If you really like kids and have a lot of patience and energy baby-sitting can be a highly rewarding activity both personally and in terms of money. Beware though that in order to be able to take care for someone else’s children at your own place for more than two hours per day you need to meet some legal criteria. That implies registration to some local office after medical, criminal and domestic safety checks.

Childcare is a very delicate topic, so make sure you get every legal detail checked before considering engaging in such activity. When that's done it can be a rewarding job and you can easily set up a mini-childcare (if you got the space and toys) and work from home. 

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3. Tutoring

Private tutoring is the perfect job if you are a part-time teacher and want to work from home, but you can also earn some money by giving private lessons if you are a university student with high competencies in specific area, like languages or mathematics. You just need patience (probably a lot of it) and to keep your knowledge updated.

Tutoring can be a great way to refresh your skills while earning money by working from home. Even if you don’t possess very specific knowledge, you can specialise in helping younger kids doing their homework. The best way to start a tutoring business is advertising locally and trying to spread the word, but you can also check online agencies where you can register.

2. Baking and Cake Decoration

Do you like baking and have an eye for cake design? Than you should consider turning your passion into a home business. You would be surprised how much money you can make with it and the best part is that you can work from home!

It is probably one of the most fun and satisfying ways to earn some extra cash and in some cases it can turn from a part-time job from home into a real business. Apart from your cooking ability and creativity, the key to a successful home based baking business is spreading the word in your local community and always stay updated on events where some sweet treats could be needed.

Baking -home -business

1. Bed and Breakfast

The bed and breakfast market has been booming in the last few years. We all heard about success stories of people investing their money into turning their own houses in to a bed and breakfast and working from home as a bed and breakfast owner. It does require a lot of commitment compared to the other home businesses considered so far, but it also the most rewarding both in terms of money and personal growth.

This type of business requires a lot of planning ahead and of course some health and safety approvals from local authorities. If you are not ready for such a big commitment but you have a spare room, possibly in a touristic or student area, then you should consider registering on a room rental website. That way you can earn a lot of money and all you need to do is sharing your home for a few days a month, which is the easiest job you can do from your own home.